Monday, November 24, 2008

My oubliette, please.

I haven't written for a very long time because things have been...well, I will be frank. They suck. Things suck right now. To be sure, they could be much worse, and I am eternally grateful that they aren't much worse, but that doesn't mean they don't suck. Because they do.
Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you.
Mike spent the last month in Reno. That was less than fun. I got to be a single mom with a fractious child. The Small One? She did not enjoy the absence of her daddy. She is a routine oriented lassie, as I have mentioned before, and her routine involves daddy. Particularly her bedtime routine. I will be honest here, she was a bear while her dad was gone!
We are, however, grateful for the work he was able to get while there and the consequent paycheck.
The reason he was in Reno? Yes, folks, it happened. Mike lost his job. His company, for which he worked so hard, went under. It could not survive the crashing economy and the less than stellar decisions made by certain business partners who shall remain nameless. This is me sticking my tongue out at you, nameless business partners. :P
And finally, just to round things off nicely, we lost our health insurance. Yippee.
So, all in all, it has been a crappy month and I haven't felt the desire to post. I have mostly felt the desire to crawl into an oubliette and stay there for a bit.
Sadly, The Small One has accomplished many a great and glorious thing these past 20 days or so, but I have been so busy wallowing in my misery that I have failed to chronicle a single thing. Bad Mamma!
In other news, she is growing like a dang weed and ONCE AGAIN, none of her clothes fit properly. Sigh.
Oh, wait, I do remember one thing that I find terribly amusing. She has a new phrase at bedtime. She pats the pillow next to her and says "lee now?" in her wee Disney voice. In case you cannot translate, that means, Lay Down. As in, please lay down by me while I go to sleep, as I prefer not to do it alone. You didn't know two baby words could mean that much, did you?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


First of all, if you didn't notice the pics of my darlings in Halloween costume, scroll down. They are adorable. I let my friend (mother of the boy) decide what they were being for Halloween this year. And they were adorable. Next year, however, the decision is mine. And I have decided. I have a Louis XV costume the right size for the boy for next year, so naturally they will be Louis and Marie Antoinette. I got an awesome wig on sale for The Small One for next year, and folks, it is going to rock!
In other news, unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are aware the Presidential Election was yesterday. Barack Obama will be our new president. I am not surprised he won, but I am surprised at how large the margin was. Well, in the Electoral College anyway. As far as the popular vote is concerned, he didn't win by that large of a percentage. It will be interesting to see what direction he takes the country. I know a great many people are very concerned about what might happen, but the fact of the matter is, he can't cause too much trouble by himself. There is a reason that the system of checks and balances is in place. I personally think he will be good for the country. He isn't a socialist, though he does have some socialist leaning policies, namely healthcare and welfare-which, to be frank, need to have SOMETHING done. They are a disaster! And, for all you Mormon readers out there, the United Order and Law of Consecration are socialism in it's purest form, so freak out about that, if you will.
Also, I think it says something good about our country, that in the midst of the mess, with our dismal race relations and all, we managed to elect a non-white president. That is history right there, folks.
Truthfully, I think one of the biggest problems with the Republican Party right now, is that it has strayed far from it's actual platform. The ultra right-wing Christian Fundies have pushed things so far to the right that it is going to take some time to get back to normalcy. I like to consider myself a liberal conservative. ;)
In other news...we got snow!!!! We had a lovely warmish Halloween (though it did rain a tad) and then, bam! Cold and snow. I am not ready for snow yet. Too bad it isn't up to me. If it were, we would have snow from the day after Thanksgiving through New Years and then I would prefer it to stay in the mountains from then on out.
This seems to be a thoroughly random blog entry, so I shall continue the randomness..
I have been asked, rather often of late, when we plan on adding another small one to the brood. The answer to that is-not for a good while. First and foremost, we can't afford it. We are still paying for the first one. Secondly, holy crap. The thought of having another makes the mind boggle. Bless her heart, I love The Small One more than life itself, but she is a handful. She requires a great deal of attention and energy. Were I to have another at this juncture, one or both of them would get the short end of the stick, and I would require a straitjacket. We originally thought that maybe having one born around the time Lilly turns three would be about right. Looking at it from my point of view, it seems unlikely to be that soon, that would require me to get pregnant 6-12 months from now, and once again-holy crap. Now, should the Lord feel differently about it, well, I will accept what is sent my way, but if left up to me...well, put on your comfy shoes folks, cause you're in for a wait.

Saturday, November 1, 2008