Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sad, but cool

So, I used to attend church in an OLD building that was the original school in the town in which I live. Not the first school, but the first that was built for that purpose. Anyway, the building is beautiful, with the exception of the modern add-on, but because it has so many stairs and no elevators, it was decided a while ago that we needed a more modern church with one floor. So, the new church was built, we were transferred and they continued to hold activities, etc, at the old one.. This past Sunday, a letter was read in church informing us that the property had been sold back to the school district and that the building would be torn down. The powers that be decided that members of the stake would be able to take things from the building that were desired. So, a drawing was held and when your name was drawn, you could put it on something in the building you wanted. Mike wanted a pew, so when our name came up, we got one. After everyone had been drawn once, they basically said we could get whatever we wanted. So, I was able to get 3 beautiful doors, a gorgeous radiator, a pew, a bannister, and my mom got some cabinets. I wanted some of the molding, but Mike didn't want to deal with it. We are also hoping to be allowed to remove some of the wood flooring, but we aren't sure, yet. It is gorgeous, over a hundred years old.
Anyway, it was very cool that we were allowed to take the things left in the building, I was very excited about it. SOOOOO sad that they are tearing the building down. I know it isn't useful, but it is historic and it is beautiful.

In other news...Mike is back after being out of town for his Grandfather's funeral. He died semi-unexpectedly of heart failure. While he was gone, Lilly missed her daddy very much. The first night, she had a terrible time trying to fall asleep, as Mike usually puts her to bed. The second night, rather than fight with her, I had her call her daddy and he told her a story. Five minutes after getting off the phone, she was out. The third night, I was keeping her up, even though she hadn't had an afternoon nap and was tired, because I really wanted her to sleep through the night. She was incredibly whiny and really wanted to go to bed. Finally she came up to me with her little woolie jammie pants and said "mamma, na-na." I looked at her and she had the saddest little tired face and said again "mamma, na-na" which translated means, "mamma, I want to go nite-nite." I laughed, put her jammies on her and put her to bed. She went right out, yeay! It was so stinkin' cute, though. I love how much she talks.
Also, I am not sure if I already posted this or not, but the other night, I picked her up from my mom's, bathed her and was letting her run around in a diaper for a while (it is sooo hot right now) and I guess she got bored. So, she brought me my shoes (heels), her shoes and a pair of her pants, sat down on the floor and stuck up her little feet. I got her dressed, she went to the back door and yelled for me. She wanted to go to Grandma's! I opened the door, she took my hand and very firmly led me over there. It was hysterical.
She was quite happy to see her daddy when he got home, but not quite sure what to do with him!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nekkid butt

This is just a short post, but I have to put it in so I don't forget.
Lilly has firebutt right now due to eating way too much fruit and not much else. So, last night, after I changed her, she was crying (the baby wipes burn, poor lass) so I left her diaper off so her little bum could get some air.
Mike was in the kitchen cleaning and Lilly had gone in there. I went to get her because Mike doesn't really appreciate her "help" (she unloads the dishwasher onto the floor as fast as he can load it.) When I went in, I found her sitting on the floor trying to put on her little pink Ugg boots that we just got. She sees me, hands me her boots then lifts up her foot. I laughed and sat down, she scooted into my lap and had me put her boots on. So she ran around for the rest of the evening with her little nekkid butt and tiny pink Uggs. Hysterical.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yurgh, it has been forever since I posted on this. Shame on me. Not because I feel obligated to blog, but because this is also sort of my journal of Lilly. And I haven't updated it in more than a month.
So, let's see. I posted last time that she was really starting to walk. Well, she walks now. About a week after that post she was walking everywhere, hardly crawling at all. It is so cute. She has slightly bowed legs and turns her toes out when she walks, so she waddles. She looks like a little duck. Plus the crotch of her diapers are so bulky, it holds her legs out. She is the funniest little stinker.
She is starting to talk more and more and I love her little voice. It is so cute and cartoony. She says a few words, but they change. She has only hung onto a few words, but she keeps changing them. For a while, she said berry and back, because she ate strawberries all the time, and I yelled at the dogs all the time to get back. She doesn't say those much any more. She says more, in sign language, which is adorable. Let's see, what else...Oh, she says, kitty and meow, although kitty is not particularly recognizable to anyone but me. ;) She says mama, dad and memaw for grandma. I can't think of anything else off hand. She shouts a lot. Mostly yelling for me or Mike.
She know what it means when I ask her if she wants to go to Memaw's house (she lives next door). She will go get her shoes if she doesn't have them on yet, and bring them to me. If she does have them on, she goes to the back door and yells for me. If I don't come right away she toddles back in to find me and gives me the come here hand. She gets a little impatient if I don't hurry fast enough.
I took her in for a blood draw on the 9th of June for her Meningitis study and she weighed 17 lbs, which was awesome. She gained a pound in a month, I was very pleased. She is still beensy and skinny as ever, but she is growing.
We took her to the petting zoo and farm country a couple of weeks ago. That was so cute. She loved looking at all the animals. They had sheep, peacocks, chickens, goats, donkeys, cows and horses. She fed the lambs and a very large cow and giggled hysterically while doing it. There was a dad there with his son who was about 3 and he had gotten him some corn and was trying to get the boy to feed the cow and it was a no go. Lilly picked up some corn from the ground and wanted me to take her to the cow, so I did, and she just fed it. So the dad gave her the rest of the corn. It was pretty funny. The tickets into farm country came with a pony ride, so Lilly got to have her first ride. Mike was pretty proud that she did so well. I put her on the smallest pony
and she grabbed the saddle horn and gripped tight with her knees like a born horsewoman. Every once in a while she would let go with one hand to pet the pony's mane. Loved it. She yelled her version of Yahooo! a couple of times, which made everyone laugh. Mike was so proud because there was an older kid there who cried the entire ride. We need to take her and get her riding more, so that she doesn't develop any kind of fear of horses, etc. I think she is going to be like her daddy, an outside girl who likes outside activities. Not a indoor city girl like her mamma.
Her hair is getting so long and thick. It curls at the back, too. It is long enough to put into pigtails, which is too cute for words.
I need to go look at the baby book and see what her milestones are so I can see where she should be. He pediatrician says she is well ahead developmentally, just behind physically, she is so wee!
She has a lot of attitude, throws some pretty good fits and gives a great stinkeye.;) She is my joy.
In other news, sadly, Mike's grandfather passed away today. It was semi-unexpected. They knew his health was deteriorating, but didn't expect things to happen this fast. He went into the hospital a couple of days ago, he had had a heart attack, and just didn't recover. They said he had had several heart attacks, unknown, and that he was running on about 19% of his heart. They gave him about a month, but he only lasted a couple of days. Mike will likely head out there this weekend.
And in crafty news, I got a spinning wheel!!!! Yeay! I am so excited. It is a used one, but it works. Has a few problems, but nothing Mike can' t fix. I have already spun a decent amount of yarn on it. I can't spin as fine a yarn or as smooth as I can on my spindle, but I will get there. I can only do it when Lilly isn't around or is distracted because she likes to grab the wheel or the spindle and it makes it very hard to work.
What else...oh, I did a swap with a girl on Ravelry, she is making a big shawl and I made her six pair of shorties for her boy. Pretty cool. I made parts of them on my knitting machine and then finished them by hand. Some of them turned out incredibly cute. They aren't all as cute as I would like, but I was experimenting with patterns, as there aren't any for the USM.
I also did a stitch marker swap with some girls on a Ravelry group I belong to, called CESOB. I had never made stitch markers before, so that was kind of fun. I got some lovely ones in trade. Very nice.
Right now I am knitting a lightweight shrug for Lilly out of a lovely pink mohair laceweight. It is so pretty and I am so excited. I also am about to start a new cardi for me. I found a fabulous pattern for a very cool one on Rav and it is free and very easy. I love it.
Also, Interweave Crochet just came out with the CUTEST crocheted baby dress. I have been wanting to make Lilly a dress, and this one is perfect, so I am excited to start on that one, I want to have it done for her to wear in the fall.
Well, I guess that's it! I will be a more frequent poster from here on out.