Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Tomorrow

As you can doubtless see, I did not continue my blog post the next day. I am lazy.
Lots of things going on right now. I will finish telling about the 4th of July first.
After we had enough of the Freedom Festival booths, we went home to pick up what we needed for watching the fireworks and headed back down to our chosen spot. I was very worried that Lilly would freak out over the noise, etc, from the fireworks. Not so much. She LOVED them. It was so cute. She sat in Papa's lap, but kept getting up to point at them and shout and squeal. Every once in a while a big one would go off and she would be knocked back down into Papa's lap by the force of the sound. Eilee liked them as well, but instead of squealing, she laid on the blanket and kicked her fat little legs and said oooooh, ohhhhh, ooooooh. That was adorable.
Lilly ran around like a maniac that day and was feeling quite warm. Her face had swelled up earilier and gotten quite red, I assumed she was having a bout of allergies and gave her some benadryl. Well, we woke up Sunday morning to a fever. Not a big deal, watch her, take her temp, keep her hydrated. By that afternoon, however, it got up to 104. Scary. So, off we go to instacare. Doctor looks her over, thinks she likely has some virus and is about to send us home when he decides to do a blood draw. Well, it turns out her white count is almost 3 times the normal, which signifies a pretty bad infection somewhere. What does this mean for us? Oh, yeah, you guessed it. The ER. They couldn't do full bloodwork or urine at the clinic, and of course, since it was a weekend, the regular doctor's office wasn't open. I have found out why some kids are allowed to fight off infections and why Lilly is sent to the hospital. I guess with normal kids, they can lose a pound or two due to not eating. Lilly can't. She is so skinny that to lose a pound would be very bad. So the doctors want to find out immediately what is going on and get it taken care of, get her on an IV so she doesn't lose weight.
We were at the hospital for several hours, they could not find the source of infection for anything, then finally, gave her a big dose of anitbiotics and said we could take her home, just watch her and they would let us know when the cultures came back.
Well, her cultures all came back clean. What does this mean? That is was probably viral and she fought it off herself. She is a very healthy baby, but when she gets sick, she does it with a vengeance. I guess she feels like she has to make up for the fact that she never gets sick otherwise! Ugh, little punk.
In other, amusing news, tonight she painted Sadie, our lab with Vaseline and Dr. Pepper. She was very proud of herself. The dog is a mess.
She has almost learned to jump. She bounces on the beds and the neighbors' trampoline. She continues to be a daredevil, which is a little more trying these days, as she has learned to climb. Urgh. I know I am going to walk into the kitchen one day and find her on top of the fridge. My mom and stepdad's nephew and wife were visiting them over the weekend. They slept on a mattress on the front room floor, which Lilly thought was her own personal trampoline. She would flop on it, climb up and jump off, over and over again. Well, then she got bored, so what did she do? Went and got her little ride on toy, wrestled it up onto the mattress and, being a little Eval Knievalette, tried to ride the dang thing off! Fortunately, I caught her.
Last night we had our first real rain storm this summer. We had a bbq and were all still out on my mom's back porch. The summer rains here usually consist of really big raindrops coming down at a fairly good clip. Lilly had never been in an actual rainstorm before, and apparently, does not have enough sense to come in out of said rain. She wouldn't stay under the porch, but had to be out in it. She stood there with her hands in the air, squealing and getting soaked. It was fabulous. I got a couple if pics, but I can't post them yet, my computer won't cooperate.
We went to California last week to visit my grandparents. They had never seen Lilly and they are getting up there, so mom and I thought it would be a good time. This was Lilly's third major trip and 5th and 6th airplane rides. She does really well on the plane, thank goodness. In fact, several people came up to me in the airport after we disembarked and commented on how well she behaved. Which is funny, because she is a right terror most of the time. Interestingly, SLC Int'l Airport has no provisions for people traveling with small ones. Maybe because we are in baby central? I don't know. Every other airport I have been to has special lines, etc. for those traveling with little ones. That part is very nice. To the front of the line, thank you very much.
Much is going on at the mo' with my designing, etc. but I think I will post later about that as I am sleepy!
I am making a cute sailor sweater for Lilly and it is almost done, yeay!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Independence Day

Yeay, we had a happy 4th of July!

We were going to go to the parade, but we were lazy and did not get up in time. Plus, I had some wedding gowns to finish, so it just didn't happen. Later in the morning, we went on down to the Freedom Festival to see the booths and get some food. It was insanely crowded and ridiculously hot, but we stuck it out. There was a booth selling some lovely, very bendy baby shoes, so I bought Lilly a pair, and lo and behold! They were squeaker shoes. Hysterical. She couldn't figure out at first what was going on, thought some crazy squeaky thing was following her. Then she caught on and goosestepped around the place, since it made a louder sound that way. Drove Mike's friend nuts. Heehee.

As we wandered around, we ran into another of Mike's friends who owns a Great Dane. So, Mike took Lilly over to see it and she wanted to ride it. I am not sure where she gets this riding dogs thing, because she tries to ride my mom's chow (who hates it) and also tries to ride our Labs (who don't care, but don't hold still very well). Mike lifted her up onto the dog and let her sit there for a bit, it was terribly cute. Then she got down and started giving the dog loves and stuff.

Here are some pics of that.

I will have to continue this tomorrow as my battery is about to die~