Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So, life gets sticky sometimes.  Doesn't go the way I think it should.  Dumb life. 
And, when my life gets a bit (or a lot) sticky, my mind likes to hearken back to, shall we say, more enjoyable times.  And when I want to run away, my mind goes straight to London.  I spent a significant amount of time there once upon a time.  I was in my early twenties, I didn't have much money and I shared a really rickety bunk bed with another girl, in a small flat with 4 other girls.  It was glorious and perfect.  I've never had so much fun in my life.  I've never enjoyed myself so much. Living in a flat with my friends, seeing shows, beautiful architecture, great shopping, good food.   

But there were a few times when I felt less than stellar there. 

I was talking the other day to my dearest friend.  On a side note, I miss my friend terribly.  Why do my friends not live right next to me?  Why can't I have them whenever I want?  But, back to talking to said friend.  We were discussing a radio show about travel and sacred spaces.  My friend asked me if there were any spaces sacred to me and why.  There are, of course, obvious spaces.  Temples, mountaintops, that sort of thing.  But, the one that popped into my head was Southwark Cathedral.  And I remember one particular day.  It was grey and chill.  Drizzly outside.  I was wandering about the city, a bit homesick, a bit really sick, and a bit despondent.  The city was loud and aggravated my headache and my despondency.  I wandered into the churchyard at Southwark Cathedral and the choir was singing.  I'm not terribly familiar with Anglican services, so I don't know if it was an actual service or just a choir rehearsal.  I walked in, and it was well lit and very warm.  And calm.  I felt instant calm.  The ceiling was soaring, the choir was singing and I felt God.  I just sat there for a time, breathing.  Being.  It was the most calm I'd felt, and I went back to the cathedral multiple times, just to feel that sense of peace.

Fast forward to now.  Sticky.  And I crave that feeling of fun, enjoyment and peace.  And I really want to go find it.  In London.