Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yippee! Thanksgiving! We had family over here for Thanksgiving. It was fun, rowdy and loud. We had a ton of good food and Lilly really enjoyed having all of her cousins around, though she is completely worn out. She went to bed, I hope she will stay asleep for a good while tonight, she didn't sleep much last night and wore Dad out!
The other day we were over at my mom's and she was doing laundry. She had dumped the towels on the floor where Lilly was and started folding. There was one towel that had gotten bleached and was falling apart, so my mom started to rip it into rags. Lilly had a towel in her lap, and she started yanking on it and grunting. I wasn't paying much attention, except to notice that she seemed a little irritated. Finally, she lets out a yell and throws the towel. My mom looked at her and said, what is wrong with her. I watched her for a moment and then realized that she was frustrated because she couldn't rip her towel! So funny! She isn't very old, I didn't think she could understand things like that. My mom laughed and then picked her up and set her in her lap and started to rip a towel for her, then gave it to Lilly to rip. She was as happy as a clam. Made me giggle. Smart little beggar.
Lilly's has a cousin who is 5 months younger than she is, but weighs the same. It was funny to see. Lilly is so tall and very thin and Eilee is just short and fat. Her waist is 4 inches bigger than Lilly's.
There was something else I was going to put on this, but I don't remember any more. Oh, well.
My house is delightfully clean. My mom and I cleaned all week, then today Mike cleaned the kitchen multiple times today, and his mom cleaned up the dining room, so once again, my house is clean!!! Love that.
So, I guess that is all for today. I need to remember more things to write. I need to keep up with what is going on with Lilly, she learns so fast.
Oh yes, she is absolutely learning to copy people, it is so cute!

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Blogging

So, I have never blogged before, but it seems like everyone is doing it, so I thought I would give it a try. We shall see if I actually keep up with it.
I used to be really good at keeping a journal, but that went down the tubes when I got pregnant with Lillian. It has only gotten worse since her birth.
An online journal that anyone can read is a little weird to me, but I can always stop if I don't like it, I suppose. It seems sort of like cheating to have a blog. You can just send someone your blog address, here, read this, instead of actually sending a letter or email or phone call updating friends and family. But, I am going to do it anyway!
It is 1:30 in the morning. Lilly just woke up for her feeding, which is why I don't go to bed early. I would rather stay up late than try to wake up a couple hours after going to sleep. She sort of should be sleeping throught the night at this age, but she is much too thin to do so, so must eat every few hours. Lucky us.
Thanksgiving is at our house this year, so I am trying to clean everything as well as get ready for a craft fair. (Such a stupid name for it. I don't do crafts) If I weren't such a slob, this would be much easier. If I weren't such a procrastinator, this would be much easier.
Oh, well, what do you do? I am off to bed.