Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In Which I Get All Mouthy and Political

Kaytee, you may want to avert your eyes.  It isn't November 6 yet, and in addition to the cramming down the throat I do on FB, I intend to do it here, as well.  ;)

I don't understand social conservative politics.   I really, really don't.
I don't understand why healthcare shouldn't be a right.
I don't understand why it's ok for people to lose everything to bankruptcy because they get sick or have an accident.
I don't understand why it's ok to legislate the reproductive rights of women.
I don't understand why women are ok with legislation that paints them out to be morons, based solely on their sex.
I don't understand why it's ok to legislate who can marry whom.  Why is the government in my bedroom?
I don't understand why it's ok for children to go hungry or be homeless just because their parent is a drug addict.
I don't understand why it's a bad thing to want the government to help people better themselves.
I REALLY don't understand the issue people seem to have with welfare and charity.  I have heard SO many self-professed Christians say they don't want to be told WHO they have to give their charity money to.  The truth is, they don't want to give it period.  If they did, we wouldn't NEED welfare.  If all the nice Christian people gave enough, the government wouldn't need to.
Or how about fiscal conservative politics.
I don't understand why it's ok for those with less to bear a greater burden than those with more.  That seems backwards to me.  Let's make the burden equal, then we don't have to worry.  And by burden, I do not mean percentage or amount.  I mean, the amount of stress it does or does not put on finances.
I don't understand how you can talk about deregulation being important on one hand and then talk about needing more incentives on the other. 
I don't understand how keeping the money in the hands of the uber-wealthy means the economy will be stronger.  No, it doesn't.  It means that their companies will make more obscene amounts of money, while the average wage of a labourer goes down.
I don't understand why someone who is good at "trimming the fat" of big business is what we want for our president.  "Trimming the fat" means making the company more profitable.  At the expense of the employees.  It means sending labour overseas, where it's crazy cheap.  It means cutting the benefits to the employee.  It means making more money for the shareholders and the CEO's.  How is this helpful?  Trickle down economics don't work. Trickle up is where it's at.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


So, some good friends of ours had twins a couple of months ago.  Just about the sweetest two girls you will ever see.  Celia, the wee one, was only 4 lbs 6 oz.  Alice was a bit bigger, a pound I think.  I asked the parents if I could make their blessing (christening) dresses, and was given the go ahead.  Mamma doesn't like super long dresses or anything that is too fancy, and I wanted to make something old fashioned looking.  So, I sent her a bunch of pictures of dresses that I liked, and she and her older daughter chose one with a filet crochet top and fine cotton skirt.
So, I made them, based on the pic.  I would post the pic here, but it is on my other computer, which died, and I haven't retrieved anything at this point.
Anyway, the littles were blessed today.  It was lovely.  I held Celia for much of the remainder of the church meeting after the blessing.  I love her.  She fell asleep while I held her and she was so sweet. Mamma leaned over and asked me if I was ok holding her, I said yes.  Then Dad said "Are you kidding?  She's just looking for a chance to bolt with her!"  It's true.  I keep trying to talk them into letting me take tiny girl home, but the greedy beggars just keep telling me no.  They are so selfish.
Here is a picture I took of the beautiful girls in their dresses.

Tell me, how could you resist that?  How darling are they?  The one on the left is wee Celia.  Look at her beautiful alert little face.  I love skinny babies. 

Week One-Grownup Girl

Well, we survived the first week of kindergarten.  I'm not sure what to think.  I mean, how did this happen?  I know all mothers (and fathers, too) probably go through this, but I am feeling a bit gobsmacked.  Last time I checked, my wee lass was just that.  Wee. 

 Like this.

How did she grow up into this girl so quickly? 
This is on the first day of school, with her buddy.  He is the son of my BFF, who is the daughter of my mom's college BFF.  Funny that we managed to have kids the same age and they are in kindergarten together!  They sit together at the green table.  ;)
So, the first day of school, I was worried I was going to be one of those mums that cries when there baby goes to school.  Goodness knows, I nearly did at preschool!  And kindergarten, I mean, whoa.  But, they make the kidlets line up outside, and there is a herd of kids and parents and whatnot, and then they all go in to the school and you don't see them in their classes or anything like that, and she certainly wasn't traumatized, so yeah, I didn't cry.  No one else did, either, so I was glad I didn't.
The BFF and her boy came and met us so we could all walk to school together.  They were adorable.  SO VERY EXCITED.  In fact, the Small Daughter was obnoxious most of the morning, before school, she was so excited. 
Here they are walking toward their classroom.  Could they BE any cuter?
Yes, she has a SpongeBob backpack.  I honestly thought she would go for the Hello Kitty, since I let her choose it herself, but nope.  SpongeBob it is.  I should have known.
So, after a whole week of school, would you like to guess what her final opinion on Friday was? 
School is fun, but gets kind of boring. 
Shocker, right?  She scored average on her assessment test (WHAT?!) but she's bored.  So, obviously, she is somewhat above average, since the work they do is a bit beneath her.
Yes.  Obviously, I think my daughter is brilliant.
But, she likes school.  She loves meeting new friends, and there are other familiar faces in her class, so, so far, all is well.  She doesn't love getting up that early in the morning, though.  She's my kid.