Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not For Me?

I swear, I may be the world's lousiest blogger.  Maybe blogging is not for me?  I was reading on a friend's blog the other day and one of the commenters suggested that part of having a successful blog was posting regularly.  FAIL.  Well, except, I kind of post regularly, right?  Like, once a month.  That's pretty regular.  I mean, there's no telling when in the month I might post, but, you know, I kind of like to keep things spontaneous.  Haha.  That's such a lie.  I just post when I feel like it.  I guess if my followers have me on their readers, then they get notified when there is a new post.  And my followers that don't either give up on me entirely or check back occasionally to see if inspiration has struck in the recent past.

Sadly, inspiration does not strike lately.  What a bummer, right?  Truthfully, lately I have had politics on the brain.  And, I know from past experience, that my blog audience does not care for my political discourse.   And also, many of those nearest and dearest to self do not care for my politics.  So, that being the primary thing on said brain, I have refrained from posting.

But, today, I shall provide with some amusing and innocuous thoughts about The Small One.

So, The Small One had her kindergarten checkup last week.  Yikes, right? HOW IS SHE THIS OLD?  I don't know what happened.  Evidently, this is a common complaint among parents.  Mothers, in particular, I'm told. 

At the appointment, she had her eyes checked (vision good) and a bunch of vaccinations (yeah, she HATED that, but we're done with those for the next 6 years.) and her height and weight checked.  Now, those of you who are familiar with The Small One know that she is, in fact, quite small.  She was 20 months old before she broke the 20 lbs barrier.  And by the time she reached two years, she was only, wait for it, 21 lbs.  Barely big enough to turn around in her carseat.

So, if you know your baby charts, (ha) you will understand that she is SKINNY.  Like, seriously skinny.  She is of average height and always has been, but nowhere near average in weight.  In fact, as her delightful doctor says, she is barely touching the chart.  But, someone has to be on the lowest end, right?  And, it's her.

So, this year, at her checkup, which is the only time we see her doctor, we discovered she had grown 3 inches and gained 3 lbs.  HOORAY!!!  Yep, 5 years old and she has finally broken the 30 lb barrier!  Just to put that in perspective for you, the average child reaches 30 lbs before their 3rd birthday.  Yeah....

But, hey.  She's healthy and clever and smart.  I kind of like her bony little self. ;)  Makes it easy for the doctor to see if her spine is straight.  I will say, however, that I don't love it when she digs her sharp little butt bones into my thighs while in my lap, though.  Good thing mine are well padded.  My thighs, I mean.  Well, my butt bones are well padded, too, I'll be honest.

As a Mormon kid, I was baptized when I was 8.  My mom made me this lovely white dress to be baptized in.  The Small One found it the other day and tried it on.  Lengthwise?  Yeah, it fit her.  She is WAY taller than I was at her age.  In fact, she is close to the height I was as an 8 year old.  And she's FIVE.  Methinks she is taking after The Man of the House, rather than me.  Long legged beanpoles run in that family.  My family is rather short.

In other, related, news, The Small One's doctor flipped me off at her appointment.  I nearly died laughing.  Normally, he is this really nice, conservative, khaki pants wearing guy.  He's funny and about my age, nice Mormon guy.  Never, ever would I have expected him to flip me off.  And, like I said, I nearly died laughing.  He was having a tiring day, I think, and it was only a few hours old.  Poor man.  (The flipping off was just a joke, BTW.  And he and I are friends, so it's ok.)  Miraculously, he did NOT ask me when I was going to have another baby.  Normally, he asks me about it and likes to remind me that I have officially reached (and passed) "advanced maternal age".  Not this time.  I think he has given up.  ;)