Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Independence Day

Yeay, we had a happy 4th of July!

We were going to go to the parade, but we were lazy and did not get up in time. Plus, I had some wedding gowns to finish, so it just didn't happen. Later in the morning, we went on down to the Freedom Festival to see the booths and get some food. It was insanely crowded and ridiculously hot, but we stuck it out. There was a booth selling some lovely, very bendy baby shoes, so I bought Lilly a pair, and lo and behold! They were squeaker shoes. Hysterical. She couldn't figure out at first what was going on, thought some crazy squeaky thing was following her. Then she caught on and goosestepped around the place, since it made a louder sound that way. Drove Mike's friend nuts. Heehee.

As we wandered around, we ran into another of Mike's friends who owns a Great Dane. So, Mike took Lilly over to see it and she wanted to ride it. I am not sure where she gets this riding dogs thing, because she tries to ride my mom's chow (who hates it) and also tries to ride our Labs (who don't care, but don't hold still very well). Mike lifted her up onto the dog and let her sit there for a bit, it was terribly cute. Then she got down and started giving the dog loves and stuff.

Here are some pics of that.

I will have to continue this tomorrow as my battery is about to die~


The Whitaker Family said...

Heehee about the shoes and riding dogs stories! YAY for pics!!!!!!!! She's soooo cute!!! I love her 4th outfit!

lex said...

Why she rides dogs: Because dogs are for riding...when you don't even come up to their ears! :)

Marietta said...

hey there! have not been in the blogosphere for awhile and finally caught up on your blog and the cuteness of Lilly! Max has a dog obsession too - they really are so cute at this age. I am a bit jealous of my husband who is part time stay at home dad right now - he is having such a great time seeing all these changes in Max. Naked baby butt is so cute!

kathbot said...

Lilly is so stinkin' cute! We must get together. Next Thursday?