Monday, February 9, 2009

Tag from Kaytee

Here are 25 random things about me.
1. I got married when I was 27.
2. I worked on The Light of the World show for the Olympics.
3. I have been inside the LDS Tabernacle Organ.
4. I used to have an all access pass to the underground tunnels at Temple Square.
5. I started my college career as a pre-med student.
6. I switched to fashion design, then to costume design my second semester.
7. I only have one child.
8. I learned to sew at the age of 3.
9. I design wedding and evening wear for a living.
10. I own a house that was built in the 1870's.
11. I have two large dogs (chocolate labs)
12. I knit as often as I can.
13. My daughter had meningitis and nearly died when she was 6 months old.
14. I plan to be a Certified Nurse Midwife after I am done having kids.
15. I love photography.
16. I used to speak French fluently.
17. I met my oldest friend in 1976.
18. We are still close friends.
19. In fact, she lives across the street from me.
20. Our kids are the same age.
21. I have 5 brothers and no sisters.
22. My mom lives next door to me.
23. I used to share an apartment complex with some of my brothers
24. I love Dr. Pepper.
25. I met my husband while working summer stock theatre


Josh and Kaytee Postma said...

There was a lot of stuff in there I didn't know. I love to learn new things about family. You can tell me stories anytime!

Bugga said...

Well how fun is this list? Thanks for sharing.

The Whitaker Family said...

I agree-- that was a fun read!