Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For Kaytee

Kaytee thinks I don't post enough pics on this blog. I expect she is right. So, here, for the benefit of Kaytee and all other interested parties, are some pics. Possibly with captions.

My adorable and adored Small One.

From Drop Box

The Small One and The Man of the House enjoying a bit of leisure time. Note the requisite lack of pants on the part of The Small One. And the ever-present popsicles.
From Drop Box

This is what happens when The Man of the House gets The Small One ready for bed. It makes my sensibilities ache.
From Drop Box

The Small One figured out she could make a "splinkler" by sticking her thumb in the end of the hose. This was a daily occurence when the weather was super hot. She is "watering the garden".
From Drop Box

And here she is hauling around her giant bag of...stuff. It contains Georgina and Blue, a towel, a blankie, some binkies and a couple of books. You know, the important stuff!
From Drop Box

I hope that takes the edge off your hunger for pics. At least a tiny bit.

I have discovered an easier way to post them, so I hope it worked. If it did, there will be more pics in the future. Just for you Kate. Just for you.


Jen said...

I love that she only has one shoe on outside. She's so hilarious!

Marianne said...

She is getting so big. And her hair is so long and beautiful. Cute!

Kaytee Postma said...

Ok I think I got my fix for a minute....only a minute though. Keep up the posts! I love 'em!

Biligualist-in-Training said...

cute, very very cute. I think the top one is my favorite.

3boysohmy said...

Totally cute, but were are you in all those pic's? I can't believe how big she is getting and how long her hair is!