Sunday, November 29, 2009


Church today was...inspiring. Sometimes when I go, I think the lessons are nice, but not particularly attention grabbing. Today was attention grabbing. Maybe I was in the right frame of mind, maybe it was something I particularly needed to hear, I don't know.
The lesson in the first meeting (Relief Society for my Mormon readers) was on remembering Christ, how knowing Christ can change your outlook. The teacher quoted my favorite prophet, President Hinckley, a lot during the lesson. The primary thing I took from it, and one of the big reasons he is my fave prophet is because of his constant reminder to us to not despair. Things might be hard, the world might be ugly, war does exist, BUT...things that are hard can teach us. The world IS beautiful and we can work toward peace. And above all, and this is my most favorite scripture-BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Regardless of the ugly and the evil, the Lord is still in charge. Despite the sorrow that can come from the blessing of agency by making wrong choices or by those who choose evil, good WILL prevail.

Then, in our main meeting, one of the members of our congregation spoke about example and the love of God. She was talking about her son and the joy he gave her and how sometimes that joy is intensified by the knowledge that he is hers. And the realization that that feeling of love and joy is just a tiny part of how the Lord must feel about us.

We also had an amazing musical number with 6 women and 5 men in our ward. I can't describe it, but it made me very happy to be a Mormon.

Happy Christmas Season everyone!


Bugga said...

Thank you for your beautiful testimony. Your words ring in my ears as I kneel to pray and give thanks.

Ed said...

Your thoughts bring peace to my soul as well. I lost a folk hero this week as my Tiger, who has done some amazing things in the world of golf turned out to be far less of a man by cheating on his wife and family. How sad it is we can't always remember who we are and what we represent. His family will have such a hard time dealing without the knowledge of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I would love to send him Pres. Kimball's book, "The Miracle of Forgiveness." I just may invest the money and introduce the true process to him. He is worth saving as all of us are who fall short. He is a good man.