Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bedtime Tamales and Other Inanities

So, last night, TMOTH gave The Small One her bedtime snack.  It is something she requires, or she can't sleep.  This is no joke.  Night before she sat up and talked and talked and talked and occasionally mentioned that she would like some cereal.  And then she talked some more.  Round about 11:30, I got fed up with her lack of sleep and got her some cereal.  She ate half the bowl and then promptly conked out.  Silly infant.
But back to last night's snack.  Tamales.  In my bed.  And I am not referring to the cinnamon candy.  Actual tamales.  Who eats tamales for bedtime snack in bed?  Seriously?  I mean, besides my daughter and maybe a sleepy Mexican or two.  I came in my room to find her happily ensconced in MY bed eating tamales.  And getting tamale goo EVERYWHERE.  All over my bed.  And I just changed the sheets last night.
Why was she eating tamales in my bed?  Well, I asked her.  Because, she tells me, she wanted tamales.  But why in my bed?  Well, she didn't want tamales in her bed. 
Oh.  That explains it.  If you are four years old.
I walked out and asked The Man of the House why he gave her tamales in my bed without laying down a protective sheet or, I don't know, feeding them to her in her bed.  He looked at me and said, Yeah, did not think about that.   Hmmm.
He politely came in and cleaned up the tamale goo from the bed.  But now my bed smells of Mexican food.  Which is a good smell if you are hungry and at Cafe Rio.  Not so much whilst attempting to wander off in slumber.

Lately, TMOTH and I have had a few people tell us they love to follow us on Facebook.  We look at them strangely and ask why.  They look at us strangely and say-Well, you two do the most interesting things.  Duh.  We look back at them (strangely, of course) and say-Really?  We think we are a smidge boring.
Tonight, one of those followers, who is also a friend, popped over to get eggs. 
Speaking of eggs, we currently have 7.5 dozen in the fridge.  Need any?
She wanted to see the redone room and the pottery wheel and the dollhouse.  So, I showed her.  Like most of you (admit it, it's true) I like to hear praise of my cleverness now and again.  She was properly effusive, then mentioned how she likes to follow me on aforementioned facebook and see all the things I do or teach The Small One to do.  She went on to say that she admired how willing I was to let The Small One try new things, and that some parents just can't handle the mess.
Well, if you came to my house, you would see that tidyness is hardly my strong point, so I can't really use that as an excuse to prevent her trying.  Also, my parents let me do things like that, so it would sort of be cheating to tell my daughter no.  That is how I learned, that is how she shall learn.
Besides, I like her enthusiasm.  Most of the time.
Then, talking to my mother about a quilt I am (very slowly) hand piecing, said mother mentioned that she does not like to do things like that, she would never finish.  And it occured to me that I don't do things specifically to finish. 
And then this quote came to mind.  And I think it describes my methodolgy perfectly.  Thank you, Adam Savage, for being awesome in more ways than one.

"I don’t make things in order to have finished objects. I have finished objects as a by-product of my need to always be making.” Adam Savage

It is true.  I absolutely have a need to always be making. 
TMOTH sometimes makes fun of me and my brother, who is very similar, because we have a lot of unfinished projects.  But that is the thing.  I don't create to have finished things.  I create to create.  The process is it for me.  I am a process knitter.  A process quilter.  And sadly, a process upholsterer and refinisher.  And redecorator.
This is not to say that I don't have finished objects, I absolutely do.  But the object is not the driving force.  The creating is.
And I realized, The Small One is very like me in that regard.  She likes to do.  And to learn.  She doesn't give a flying fig about the object.  The doing is what has her mesmerized.  And I love that about her.
Small One is hilarious as always.  She likes to use big words.  The other day she was telling TMOTH what was and was not "apporpiate" inside the house.  Playing with water?  NOT APPORPIATE inside.  In case you wondered.
When I had my tooth out and was laid up whining and moaning with pain, she told me she was mamma-sitting me.  She took care of me, brought me water and all sorts of snacks that I couldn't exactly eat.  But it was very sweet.  She would sit on the arm of the chaise and stroke my head.
I downloaded an app on my new Kindle Fire for her.  You register your kid by age and name and then it picks appropriate (or apporpiate) games, movies and books for them.  You can lock them in the app so they can't fiddle about with other things on the Kindle.  Very nice.  At the end of each week, it emails you a summary of what your child has been doing, what games they like to play, movies, sites they like to visit.  Do you want to know what it says her fave site is? 
BBC Kids.  Yep.  She is my kid.
Her second fave is PBS Kids.  I am so proud.


Katya said...

I came across the process/product knitter distinction in one of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's books and I thought it was really interesting. I'm definitely a product knitter to a certain extent, but I'm mostly a process knitter. (I think it's one of the reasons I don't mind ripping back a few rows in my knitting every now and then. I wouldn't do it at all if I didn't enjoy the doing of it.)

Linda Sappington said...

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your blog. You make me laugh out loud!!!

Esther said...

I am a total process knitter. Thank you for that great quote!

Kaytee Postma said...

Following your's and Mike's facebook???? Does Mike have a facebook again???

I wish I was as willing to let Adyn try stuff. I'm always so concerned with her making a mess that I kinda end up taking over. She loves to make cookies but I always end up doing them cause it's messy. Maybe I'll send her to your house and she can be creative with Lilz