Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well, then.

I have lost my knitting mojo.  I know, travesty, right?  Well, it is.  Knitting is what keeps me sane.  It keeps my fidgety fingers from driving me batty.  It keeps my fidgety self from...well...fidgeting.  Now, normally, I am absolutely a process knitter, in that it is the KNITTING itself that I enjoy, far more than the finished object.  However, when I mess up even a simple sock 5 times in a row and have to frog it over and over until my yarn turns into a fuzzy mess, well that is annoying.  Especially if said yarn is kind of expensive and had been sent to me by one of my knitting friends. 
Sounds corny, right?  Sending people yarn?  I suppose it is, but if you were a knitter, you would understand.  There is something decidedly pleasant about receiving some unexpected yarn in the mail.  If you were a knitter, and someone sent you nice yarn, well, it says a number of things.  One, this person likes you and cares about you.  Two, this person put out effort for you, (s)he went through the stash or to the LYS (local yarn store) looking for something that they thought would please.  .  Three, this person understands.  (S)he understands why you knit, maybe.  Or that you like pretty things.  But mostly, (s)he understands that the experience of nice yarn, lovely fibres is a good one. And will bring a smile to your face.

I send people yarn, occasionally.  I have a pretty decent stash, I will be honest, but it doesn't stop me from wanting more.  Nope.  I am greedy like that.  I love yarn, I love fibre, I love fabric.  All of it.  I have doubts that I will ever knit everything in my stash, but that doesn't stop me from loving it.  I love to squoosh it, smell it, rub it against my face.  I am kind of a tactile person, can you tell?

I guess I could spend the time I normally spend knitting, fondling fibre instead, but that could get boring after a while.  I should spend the time I spend knitting doing something useful.  Like the laundry. But, I hate laundry.  Or sewing, but I broke my machine and it isn't back from the repair yet.

Also, I think I lost my sense of humour somewhere, which some of you may or may not have noticed.  My humour has not been in top form on this blog!  Sorry about that, it will return one of these days.  Probably with the sunshine and warmth.  After I have had a chance to bask in the warm sunlight, my shrivelled sense of humour will grow again.  I expect the absence of sun and whatnot has contributed both to my loss of knitting mojo and my loss of funny.  Stupid weather.

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Janelle Southern said...

BIG hugs from my gloomy house to yours ;) Even though I don't specifically knit I totally understand the "process crafter" thing. In fact, right now I'm working on crocheted squares for a blanket (which one of the cats keeps stealing and hiding in strange places around the house) A few of the batches of yarn I've used have had leftovers when I was done with the proscribed squares. Those poor ends have been crocheted into the most random things just for the sake of having something to do with my hands. And I hate to ruin good materials. That would drive me nuts too. Mostly I just think we all need a straight week of warm weather and LOTS of sunshine. Since the warm weather can't make my allergies worse than they are now, bring it on!