Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week One-Grownup Girl

Well, we survived the first week of kindergarten.  I'm not sure what to think.  I mean, how did this happen?  I know all mothers (and fathers, too) probably go through this, but I am feeling a bit gobsmacked.  Last time I checked, my wee lass was just that.  Wee. 

 Like this.

How did she grow up into this girl so quickly? 
This is on the first day of school, with her buddy.  He is the son of my BFF, who is the daughter of my mom's college BFF.  Funny that we managed to have kids the same age and they are in kindergarten together!  They sit together at the green table.  ;)
So, the first day of school, I was worried I was going to be one of those mums that cries when there baby goes to school.  Goodness knows, I nearly did at preschool!  And kindergarten, I mean, whoa.  But, they make the kidlets line up outside, and there is a herd of kids and parents and whatnot, and then they all go in to the school and you don't see them in their classes or anything like that, and she certainly wasn't traumatized, so yeah, I didn't cry.  No one else did, either, so I was glad I didn't.
The BFF and her boy came and met us so we could all walk to school together.  They were adorable.  SO VERY EXCITED.  In fact, the Small Daughter was obnoxious most of the morning, before school, she was so excited. 
Here they are walking toward their classroom.  Could they BE any cuter?
Yes, she has a SpongeBob backpack.  I honestly thought she would go for the Hello Kitty, since I let her choose it herself, but nope.  SpongeBob it is.  I should have known.
So, after a whole week of school, would you like to guess what her final opinion on Friday was? 
School is fun, but gets kind of boring. 
Shocker, right?  She scored average on her assessment test (WHAT?!) but she's bored.  So, obviously, she is somewhat above average, since the work they do is a bit beneath her.
Yes.  Obviously, I think my daughter is brilliant.
But, she likes school.  She loves meeting new friends, and there are other familiar faces in her class, so, so far, all is well.  She doesn't love getting up that early in the morning, though.  She's my kid.

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Linda Sappington said...

I've always said . . . its a best-kept secret how quickly life goes by. Better get ready for the college graduation and the wedding. They're just around the corner! Love you.