Friday, June 20, 2008

Nekkid butt

This is just a short post, but I have to put it in so I don't forget.
Lilly has firebutt right now due to eating way too much fruit and not much else. So, last night, after I changed her, she was crying (the baby wipes burn, poor lass) so I left her diaper off so her little bum could get some air.
Mike was in the kitchen cleaning and Lilly had gone in there. I went to get her because Mike doesn't really appreciate her "help" (she unloads the dishwasher onto the floor as fast as he can load it.) When I went in, I found her sitting on the floor trying to put on her little pink Ugg boots that we just got. She sees me, hands me her boots then lifts up her foot. I laughed and sat down, she scooted into my lap and had me put her boots on. So she ran around for the rest of the evening with her little nekkid butt and tiny pink Uggs. Hysterical.


The Whitaker Family said...

heeheehee! How CUTE! I know a pic wouldn't be quite appropriate but... how fun to see... :)

I hope her little bum feels better soon-- so sad!

Marianne said...

We have a similar picture of Clara in rain boots...standing over a puddle of pee. Hope to BBQ soon when everybody gets back :)