Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sad, but cool

So, I used to attend church in an OLD building that was the original school in the town in which I live. Not the first school, but the first that was built for that purpose. Anyway, the building is beautiful, with the exception of the modern add-on, but because it has so many stairs and no elevators, it was decided a while ago that we needed a more modern church with one floor. So, the new church was built, we were transferred and they continued to hold activities, etc, at the old one.. This past Sunday, a letter was read in church informing us that the property had been sold back to the school district and that the building would be torn down. The powers that be decided that members of the stake would be able to take things from the building that were desired. So, a drawing was held and when your name was drawn, you could put it on something in the building you wanted. Mike wanted a pew, so when our name came up, we got one. After everyone had been drawn once, they basically said we could get whatever we wanted. So, I was able to get 3 beautiful doors, a gorgeous radiator, a pew, a bannister, and my mom got some cabinets. I wanted some of the molding, but Mike didn't want to deal with it. We are also hoping to be allowed to remove some of the wood flooring, but we aren't sure, yet. It is gorgeous, over a hundred years old.
Anyway, it was very cool that we were allowed to take the things left in the building, I was very excited about it. SOOOOO sad that they are tearing the building down. I know it isn't useful, but it is historic and it is beautiful.

In other news...Mike is back after being out of town for his Grandfather's funeral. He died semi-unexpectedly of heart failure. While he was gone, Lilly missed her daddy very much. The first night, she had a terrible time trying to fall asleep, as Mike usually puts her to bed. The second night, rather than fight with her, I had her call her daddy and he told her a story. Five minutes after getting off the phone, she was out. The third night, I was keeping her up, even though she hadn't had an afternoon nap and was tired, because I really wanted her to sleep through the night. She was incredibly whiny and really wanted to go to bed. Finally she came up to me with her little woolie jammie pants and said "mamma, na-na." I looked at her and she had the saddest little tired face and said again "mamma, na-na" which translated means, "mamma, I want to go nite-nite." I laughed, put her jammies on her and put her to bed. She went right out, yeay! It was so stinkin' cute, though. I love how much she talks.
Also, I am not sure if I already posted this or not, but the other night, I picked her up from my mom's, bathed her and was letting her run around in a diaper for a while (it is sooo hot right now) and I guess she got bored. So, she brought me my shoes (heels), her shoes and a pair of her pants, sat down on the floor and stuck up her little feet. I got her dressed, she went to the back door and yelled for me. She wanted to go to Grandma's! I opened the door, she took my hand and very firmly led me over there. It was hysterical.
She was quite happy to see her daddy when he got home, but not quite sure what to do with him!


lex said...

Hey there. Way to make use of old church junk! just kidding!

Jen said...

> "mamma, na-na."

Oh my gosh! Hilarious!

My kids will ask to go to bed, occasionally. MAN, those are the best days! :p

The Whitaker Family said...

I can't believe she's talking that much, Tara! Light years ahead of Audrey, for the record... It IS amazing how much they understand and how they have their own little opinions, though! Fun stories-- thanks for sharing!

Oh, and I hope you can get some of the wood flooring-- cool!!!