Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lilly is a wee thing

Well, yesterday was Lilly's well baby checkup. She is wee. As usual. At 16 months, the blessed baby weighs a grand total of 17lbs 4 oz. Nowhere near the chart. On a good note, she is the same distance below the chart curve that she has always been. So, she is gaining at a steady rate, I just wish it was faster. She is 30 inches tall, so not too bad there. The doctor said normally in a case where there is "failure to thrive" (hate that phrase, she is thriving!) they would look for a cause like cystic fibrosis (horror) or celiac disease, but her problem is twofold. Her intake is way low (she doesn't like to eat) and her energy level is VERY high. The silly baby does not stop. At all. Unless she is sleeping. She burns calories like crazy. She has a cold right now, but with the exception of her meningitis and the weird viral infection, she has never been sick. No ear infections, no throat infections, nothing. Dr. said she is "crazy healthy."
As far as her cognitive development goes, she is well ahead of the curve. Warning! Brag ahead! At her age, she should have 3-4 words and be able to identify 1 or 2 body parts. She has between 15-20 words and can identify 10 body parts. Her motor skills are well ahead, she climbs, is learning to jump (s0 funny!) can throw a ball, feed herself with a fork and spoon. She exhibits certain traits that show how smart she is. She is sneaky, in that if you tell her no about something, she will find another way to do it that you haven't said no to. She understands that if she pushes something against the wall, she can pull on it enough to get it away from the wall, then get behind it to push again. I am glad she is smart, it is awesome. She is very opinionated, as well. Big surprise. So, all in all, I guess we are doing okay with her. Now, I just need to feed her some butter.
Mary asked when I find the time to blog. Well, here's how. It is after 11, I should be dyeing some flower girl dresses and making a wedding gown. Instead, I am here blogging! w00t!


The Whitaker Family said...

Yeah, I'm sacrificing sleep to read your blog--LOL! Well, I'm sure glad you find the time. I love hearing about everything! Good on you on the brag-- do it, I say! I think that phrase is totally horrible too. Can't anyone conceive that kiddos can be really little at times in their lives and its ok?!! (Just as a funny comparison though, Audrey is 27 pounds at 18 months and over the 95th percentile in height, --a veritable monster-- she only knows 3 words-- arg!-- but knows lots of body parts, can't quite use a spoon and fork super well yet nor a cup cause I'm a mess-phobic, partly probably, and isn't nearly as clever as Lilly, sounds like. She does run, jump, climb like a crazy kid though.) They're all different. I'm glad you don't worry too much about her size. She sounds healthy as can be!!!

lex said...

what she lacks in weight she makes up in smarts...not a bad trade! :)

Josh and Kaytee Postma said...

OOOOOOOk, I'm getting a little impatient waiting for you to post again....Let's hear an update...huh huh huh!

Marietta said...

i am now even more convinced that max will be on the short bus - he has no idea where any of his body parts are - well except the most obvious :)
congrats on the bridal gig - i think that is amazing and just fabulouss to hear that BOTH of you are getting contracts rigth now