Sunday, August 3, 2008

Too much to do

Okay, this will hopefully be a quick post.
Things are crazy busy and just plain crazy right now. I have started designing for Eternity Bridal, which is a national bridal line carried in around 150 stores in the US. I did part of the Spring 2009 line, sharing design duties with the owner. Things were a little behind (not me) and so from start to (almost) finish, I have been running like a maniac trying to get things done. We sent the designs off to the factory and had a brief respite waiting for the samples to come back. Well, they did and that is when things went nuts. There were some minor changes that had to be made to the dresses, but not big enough changes to warrant new samples, so I had to do the changes and make notes to send to the factory for manufacture. I had a week to make the changes, the problem was, I went to California during that week. I didn't know the samples were coming in that week, or I would have rearranged my schedule. Well, what ended up happening is, I got a few samples done before I left, then had two days to finish everything when I got back , because then we had a catalog shoot. They shot the first half, turned out terrible, so the photog and makeup and hair artists were fired and I was asked to do the hair and makeup. In the middle of all of this, I am still doing my regular alterations job, plus some swaps I promised to do, plus two custom wedding gowns. The shoots went great, but I am DOG tired. I have a fashion show I have to do tomorrow, then a few more corrections and then I think I am done. I could be wrong, though. I keep thinking I am done, then the boss man gives me something else I have to do. Not to mention that the next round of designs are due September 1st and we haven't even started those yet.
It has been really fun and I love designing and doing hair and makeup for photo shoots, but it has been really hard to work it around Lilly and my other work stuff. Hopefully, the next round will be better, because we are getting the designs in on time. This should mean that I can plan ahead for the rest of it.
Anyway, that is all for now. I have alts to do!!!


The Whitaker Family said...

Wow! That's exciting stuff and you have a crazy life, my dear! Where are you suddenly finding the time to blog? LOL!!!! I'm not complaining!!! Hang in there, I want to hear how this all goes!!!

Josh and Kaytee Postma said...

Wow! All that work to do and you still promised to make Adyn's blessing dress by September. You are super womam!!! Thanks aunt Tara. xoxo