Monday, December 1, 2008

For Linda

This post is for my mother-in-law who wants to hear some good news. So, here you go, the good things in the lives of Tara, her Husband and The Small One.

The Small One- There is always good news in regards to The Small One. She is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Okay, not always a thing of beauty. Just the other day, whilst out gallivanting with cousins and dogs, large dog (Eustace) knocked The Small One clean over right as she was climbing the wood steps in the backyard. The result? One very ugly bruise and a multitude of scrapes on her wee little face. Not pretty. Why is this a good thing, you may ask? Well, The Small One was not seriously injured, and after a wail of about 2 minutes and 38 seconds, she wanted down to be off gallivanting once again with cousins and dogs. Sadly, the dogs knock her down several times a week. Fortunately for all concerned, she doesn't seem to care that much. Bless her hard little head!
What else? Oh, yes. The Holidays. We are muchly looking forward to the Holiday Season with the Small One this year, for the following reasons; she gets VERY excited when she sees Christmas Lights. That means Temple Square is on the agenda for this year. I can't wait to see the joy on her face when she sees those lights. I expect much yelling and laughing to occur. Another reason, whenever she sees Santa Claus or decorations of elves or reindeer or what have you, she says "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!" Except it comes out more like "Ho, Mara Kiss" in a very deep baby voice. HYSTERICAL! I must get it on video to post on here. The problem with trying to get it on video is that The Small One is far more interested in getting her hands on the camera than being cute. Silly infant.
Other good stuff-She has an insane amount of words. A new one pops out of her mouth every day and I don't even know how she learns them! Also, she can read her books. Okay, not really, she isn't quite that precocious. I don't think. She has this cute little book of opposites that I have read to her soooooo many times that she has it memorized. Front, back. (she usually adds in duck, because, well, the pictures are of ducks. Go figure.) Near, far. Happy, sad. And then we get to The Small One's favorite. LOUD!!!! She never remembers it's opposite. Big surprise.
The Small One decides for herself whether or not it is an underwear day or a diaper day. And she thinks about it before she decides. Sometimes, I will go to put underwear on her and she says, "no, dipey". Sometimes I go to put a diaper on her and she says, "no, skibbies". And, rest assured, if she says it is a diaper day and you put her in skibbies, woe unto you! Trust me, you will regret it. When it is time for her bum to be changed (hopefully on a diaper day!) she lays her little self down on the floor (really, she flops. Not graceful, this one) pokes her wee skinny legs up in the air, plugs her precious nose and says "pee-yew, stinky." Most of the time, I have to agree.
Yesterday was not a pleasant day. I had the worst migraine I have had in years. I am bruised today because I had Mike massage my head and shoulders for hours yesterday. See, there is a happy thing for you. A husband who will rub an aching head and shoulders for hours. I know he doesn't enjoy it, but he knows it helps, so he does it. Bless him. Every once in a while, The Small One, sensing my distress would come to me, take my face between her little hands, look me in the eyes, then pat my cheeks. Sometimes she would join Daddy in the rubbing. Although, mostly it was scratching with her, and her nails are sharp.
The Small One, bless her naughty little heart, is the joy of my life. She is a gift, and one for which I am so very grateful. She is a straight up tomboy with a passion for shoes and bags, dogs and horses. She loves to be outside, getting dirty and rough housing with the boy cousins. Taking after her mamma, she likes to hang with the boys the best. But, she also loves pretty things, she likes to wear pretty dresses, for a little while anyway. She loves to shop, try on clothes and shoes, wear pretty beads around her neck. She loves trucks and cars and dirt. Did I mention she loves dirt?
So, there is some happy news for you, Grandma Linda. I will continue more later! Hope you enjoy.

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Bugga said...

Thanks, I REALLY needed that!!! You, your husband and The Small One, and the love you all share, are also a joy in my life.