Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby words

I love when the little folk talk. Baby words are some of the funniest things ever. Have you noticed that they can make sounds that you can't copy? And that you can't spell? I want to record on here the thing The Small One says, but that isn't always possible because sometimes she says things for which there is no phonetic symbol.
Here are some of my fave words-
She calls my youngest brother, wienie. His name is Jamie.
She calls his girlfriend, bickie. Her name is Korbie. She tries to say Kiebie, but it comes out backward. I notice that she gets a lot of her sound order mixed up.
For instance, snow? Nos. Long o. So cute.
For Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, we get Ho, may kees.
Horses? They say yee-haw!
She knows the important words as well. Money is a big one. And she says it right.
There is also nankee. Which is candy. Sadly, she knows that one quite well.
When we say prayers, it doesn't matter if you are actually done or not. When she is done (which is what is important) she throws her arms into the air and shouts "maymen!!!" I think she may have been a Pentecostal in a former life.
Her cousins, she has given very funny names-
Natasha is tata, Ethan is E-E. Alyvia is Biba. Jackson, Jassy.
And Uncle Emil? That is meow.
I love to listen to her talk, I wish I could get it on video, but the second she sees the camera, all she will say is "see? see?" Ah, well, maybe some day I will be able to sneak up on her and record it for posterity. ;)


The Whitaker Family said...

Sounds totally charming! Audrey has quite a few words but she's slower in this area-- just an over-achiever physically. They charm the pants off you, though, huh? Well, when not whining...

Btw, I did NOT know about this former roomie expecting her 2nd! She doesn't have a blog, eh? And her old webpage that her hubby did doesn't work anymore so I'd have to *gasp* email her.....!! ;) I'd be more than delighted to get together for lunch/dinner or something anytime, btw... 'specially since you missed last time, eh!

Josh and Kaytee Postma said...

oh what I wouldn't give to hear her when HER prayers are done. That sounds so funny and I can totally picture her saying it. Love that girl!!!!