Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mommy blogging

Yep, that is what I do. Although this blog is technically supposed to be about lots of things...I find that it mostly focuses on The Small One. Big surprise, that, since I find that I mostly focus on The Small One.
So, here, for your reading enjoyment are a few stories about her.

Firstly, we shall start with her adventures shopping with Memaw and Papa.
The Small One is partly potty-trained, but often still wears her little cloth diapers. Bless her, sometimes she just can't be bothered to use the potty! You know how it is, busy 2 year old and what not. Well, last week, she was out with the grandfolks and wandering about through a store. Periodically, she would stop, tuck her hands between her legs, bend over and squeeze her legs together. Papa noticed this odd behaviour, but wasn't sure at first what it signified. After the third or fourth time, he realized it's purpose and asked The Small One if she needed to use the bathroom. She nodded solemnly. Papa took her over to Memaw who asked her the same question. This time she shook her head. Even more solemnly. So, Memaw asked her if she needed to have her pants changed. Emphatic nodding.

Then what did she do?

Well, she laid her wee self down on the floor in the middle of the store and said "Diapee?"

The child has no boundaries!

Sunday was a bit of a difficult day at church for The Small One. Memaw and Papa were absent due to nasty colds and that set of The Small One's routine. She does not like to have her routines messed up. She doesn't have very many of them, but those she does have are terribly important and if you value quiet and sanity, you do not mess around with them.
So, we have sacrament meeting last, and by that time, The Small One is very tired. Normally, at this point, as we walk into the chapel, she starts her routine. She wanders around a bit before the meeting starts, saying hi to certain people. There is one particular gentleman to whom she must always say hello, and he loves it.
After she has said hello to all and sundry, she wanders back to our pew, plays for a little bit, then invariably climbs into Papa's lap and goes to sleep. (this meeting falls during her usual nap time).
Well, this past Sunday, that didn't happen, as Papa wasn't there. She fussed and yelled for a bit, then I finally took her out before she got too loud. I walked her about in the halls (I don't allow her down in the halls, if possible) and she calmed down. About 15 minutes before the end of the meeting, I started to take her back inside the chapel. The moment the door opened, The Small One set up screaming. Not just fussing. She let out an unholy yell. Of course, everyone turned to look, including The Small One's daddy (thank goodness) I motioned for him to come out and stepped back into the foyer. He brought our things out and we proceeded to get The Small One ready to go home.
The moment we walked out the outside doors, what do you think she did?

Threw her arms into the air and shouted "Woo-Hoo!"

I kid you not.

It would seem I am raising a heathen.


Josh and Kaytee Postma said...

The things we do to keep our kidlets happy. I wish I could have been there to hear her yell when you walked out of church. What a riot!!!

Bugga said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stories. When I grow up, I want to be able to write just like you!!!


The Whitaker Family said...

That is SOOOOO funny! Gotta love it!

And why in heaven's name do they have Sacrament Meeting last?!?! Its the bane of every parent's existence that way, I swear!