Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Christmas came and went.
I was not quite ready.
This should not come as a surprise,
but somehow it does.

Christmas was delightful, nonetheless.

The Small One got her first "lolly" (doll) which she loves.
And a laptop from Grandma Linda, which I love. It keeps her grimy little fingers off of mine!
And some tractors. She loves those. She finds it very amusing to drive them on me.

Mike and my dad, they got me an iPod. It has a wee tiny screen for movies. I love it.
Also, much knitting toys were given me. I heart knitting. It makes this girl very happy.
Oh, and a seriously cool book. "Inside the Victorian Home" all about the day to day life of Victorians in England. Love it.

Mike got a gun. Go figure. Silly boy. Wants to hunt.
Also he got some new clothes for his forthcoming new career. He wants to be a desk jockey for awhile. Use his degree or something.

The Small One? She is kind of self-centered. She gave Grandpa John a picture of herself for a present. She outdid herself with Memaw and Papa's present. It was a whole collage of pictures of her from birth on. Narcissistic little infant.

We hope things get better financially in this next year. For everyone!

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