Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

I have things I think about that aren't really enough to be worthy of a blog post all their own, so I am going to just smush a few of them together here. If you are bored by them, well, go read cnn.com or something.

First-Do you ever look at other people and their kids and wonder if it is possible that they love them as much as you love yours?

I do.

I see The Small One and, particularly when she is being adorable, I think that I could not possibly love her more. My heart overflows with love for my little girl. I don't have words for how much I adore her. And I look at other people and their kids and think they can't possibly feel what I feel. Their kid simply isn't adorable as mine. Simple fact.

Second-I have a thyroid problem and my meds just got upped for it. Because of the thyroid problem and the meds being too low, I have been wickedly tired in the afternoon. A couple of times, when The Small One has gone down for her nap, I have given in to the temptation and joined her. And that feeling? Where you are so tired that it is an effort to breathe and to lay down in bed and give into is just glorious? You know, where your mattress feels like heaven?

Yeah, that only happens to me in the afternoon. At night? Not so much. I find this quite unfair. I get tired at night, well, early morning. I don't go to bed early and when I do go to bed, it is because I can no longer keep my eyes open, but not because my body feels tired. What a ripoff. I would love bedtime if I felt like I do at naptime.

Third-Why aren't all husbands as handy as The Man of the House? And since they aren't, does it drive their wives crazy? Cause, let me tell you folks, that kid can do pretty much anything. It is kind of bad for my friends' husbands when the friends hear about the stuff The Man of the House can do. They are jealous.

Plus he is good-looking.

Fourth-Sometimes it makes me a little depressed to try on really expensive clothes, because I know I can't buy them. If you have ever tried on a designer jacket or pants, you will know whereof I speak. Wow, the cut, the fabric. It is positively delicious. I love clothes. I wear t-shirts and jeans mostly and I love them (don't get me started on the joys of designer denim) but I am a glam princess at heart. I am just too lazy and cheap/frugal to really do anything about it.

Okay, that is all. Carry on with whatever you were doing previously!


Kaytee Postma said...

I do love my daughter so much it hurts sometimes. She is so cute I just have to bite her (literally) to make sure she's real.

The nap thing. Sooooo with you on that one. I love taking naps during the day. I do feel a little guilty when I nap though cause I feel like I should be doing something.

You are very lucky to have a husband that, not only CAN do those things...but actually WILL do those things. My husband is also very handy but it takes quite a bit to get him to actually do those little hunny dos. I have learned to be quite handy myself cause I get sick of asking him over and over to do them. It's just easier to do them myself.

Kaytee Postma said...

BTW, thanks for all the new posts. I was beginning to think you fell off the face of the earth or something.

Biligualist-in-Training said...

Oh naps, sweet sweet naps! I do know the glorious feeling of giving into overpowering fatigue and melting into my mattress. I live for the day when I can take more of them, even if it means being less productive. Sadly, I am not my own boss. Give in, I say!!

The Whitaker Family said...

Yes, at least this other person does love her kiddos that much too. Its indescribable.

Bed is heaven. Water is too.

Handy husbands who are also good looking are such a treat-- YAY!

I'm rediscovering a love of clothes long dormant due to my long time spent too pudgy. :)