Monday, January 25, 2010

Teh Interwebz

Hi, my name is Tara and I am an internetaholic.

It is true. I am addicted. I would suffer terrible pangs of withdrawal if someone took my internet away. Goodness knows, I would get more done without it. Oh, that is a lie. I wouldn't. Before I became addicted to the internet, I could easily while away an entire day reading a good book. Now I while away entire nights reading said books, because during the day I am on the web.

I have one major addiction (and a number of smaller ones). The Big One? A website for knitting/crocheting/spinning freaks. Of which I am one. I knit, I crochet and I spin. And I am kind of a freak. See how that all fits together so nicely? It is like Ravelry was made for me! I know, I know, it doesn't sound that interesting. It probably isn't, unless you are a freak of the aforementioned variety. However, it isn't just about the arts that celebrate fibery goodness, it is an online community. Fibre is simply the tie that binds, as it were. I belong to, oh, I don't know, like a kajillion groups on Ravelry, but only two in which I am an active participant. One is a purely social group, and the other is a religious discussion group. Now, I find the second one purely fascinating because I am one of only two Mormons on said group, and let's be honest, our theology is rather different from the rest of Christendom. I begin to understand why a lot of the rest of Christendom do not consider us (Mormons) to be Christian. I think they are wrong, but I understand the thought process.

It is utterly fascinating to listen in, if you will, on a conversation between members of several different denominations and religions and see where they are similar to my own and where they are different. And, I gotta say, the more I learn about other religions, the more I am convinced I chose the correct one. The LDS version of the Gospel makes so much more sense to me than any other version I have encountered. No doubt there are many who would disagree with me, and indeed there are many who do, but I feel fine about that. I still know I picked the right one! Would you like to know more about it? My religion, I mean? Go here, It's pretty awesome.


Bugga said...

Wow, two posts in a week!!! I am always delighted to get onto your blog and read your interesting and fun posts about all-things-Tara! I've said it before, "you are an amazing writer!" and I agree with your thoughts on theology!

lillysmum said...

Thanks Linda!