Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'd know her anywhere!

The Small One wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween. I did not want that. I wanted her to be Alice from the new Alice in Wonderland. She did not want that. Then she wanted to be Spiderman. I definitely did not want that. We compromised. I let her be Tinkerbell for her friend's birthday party if she would be Alice for Halloween. She agreed, but then was all sorts of bent that the wings DID NOT MAKE HER FLY!!!!! What a ripoff.
So, here we go. Alice, The Mad Hatter and The White Queen.
I have to say, that Hatter costume might be the best one I have done.

Happy Halloween!


LisaJ said...

LOVE the costumes!! Great job!

Kaytee Postma said...

I can't believe you got my brother to dress up for Halloween!!!!!!!! He probably dresses up every year but I have never seen that. Oh you did an AMAZING job on the costumes. Like there would be any doubt!

Bugga said...

I love Lilly's dress. It is beautiful!!! Michael? Hmmmmm, OK, if you say so!


Marshall Lynch said...

very nice Halloween costume.
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