Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random Stuff and Nonsense

The Small One and her daddy are off to the mountains this afternoon. With dogs in tow. This is an occurence that The Small One, no doubt, wishes would occur more often than it does. Pity daddy is so busy. And that mamma does not love to go to the mountains. When she does go to the mountains, she has to have her proper hiking boots (which can only be worn for hiking or yard work) and her tiny camelbak and mountain cookies. She only eats mountain cookies whilst on the mountain. Do you wonder what mountain cookies are? I did too. Turns out they are granola bars. Clever infant.

The Small One gets the best of both worlds, being the child of self and TMOTH (The Man of the House) TMOTH. Haha. Sounds like a funny sort of super hero. I think I will start calling him that. Anyway, back to what I was saying. Best of both worlds and whatnot. From me, she gets a knowledge and love of sewing, designing, draping, knitting, spinning, shopping and all that. From TMOTH (that makes me smile every time I type it!) she gets a love of dogs, chickens, outside, mountains, hiking, camping, yard work and all things associated with the previously mentioned. Makes for a well-rounded child, no? She can hike with the best of them. As we know, she does love her chickens.

She is the Alpha in the barnyard, so to speak, and is the only one the turkeys at whom the turkeys DON'T fluff their feathers.
For all her bravery, recklessness and "alpha-ness" however, she can still be a big sissy. For example-I give you this video of pumpkin carving, in which she had to remove the guts from the pumpkin.

I should also add that I am perhaps not the sweetest mamma to ever walk the earth, as I found it HYSTERICAL that she was grossed out by "punkin goo" so I felt a serious need to chuck it at her. Which, as you can see by this video, I did. I could post the next video in the lineup, but it mostly consists of me laughing like a fool at her.

Here is a photo illustrating her well-roundedness, particularly as pertains to food.

In case you are curious what she chooses to consume, I will give you the rundown. She is having some very expensive triple cream brie, a lovely and well aged white english cheddar, a garlic dry aged salami and a white truffle oil dry aged salami. This is The Small One's idea of a lovely bedtime snack. I must admit, I concur. This delightful repast is what I received instead of a birthday cake from TMOTH. Lovely! Isn't he clever? I don't really like cake.

Here is one more pic from late summer. Just because I think she is so damn cute.


Bugga said...

I'm sitting here freezing because the temperature has now dropped to a very uncomfortable 56 degrees (I know I won't get any sympathy from many in my family) . . . and TMOTH and TSO are heading for the mountains? Brrrrrrrr!

Ed said...

Well rounded is good in a girl. She can find joy, both in the finer things in life and learn to love the outdoors. I think one thinks more clearly when away from the noise of todays busy world. Just to be on a mountain trail or sitting looking down from a mountain top at the city and to stop and be thankful for all we have been blessed with as a family. Lilly has a father who loves his family and would do anything in his power to take care of them. She has a mother who is talented beyound belief and one who also works side by the side with her husband and together they are truly one. Keep the good work. You are loved by Linda and I very much. Love ya

Kaytee Postma said...

Yes Lilz has so many advantages in life. She could be anything when she grows up because she's had her hands in all sorts of stuff her whole life. I could see her being a vet...

Kaytee Postma said...

btw TMOTH makes me laugh too. I chuckled when I read that.