Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Things I've Gleaned From Election Day in the US

So, I learned and noticed a lot of interesting things yesterday.  Some entertaining, some encouraging and some discouraging.  Here's my list.

1-Women turned out in droves to vote yesterday, and it made a difference.
2-The Republican Party needs to ditch the Tea Party.  Like, yesterday.
3-Some of my friends are decidedly overdramatic.  It isn't the zombie apocalypse, the sun WILL continue to rise, God likes other countries too, and we are not the center of the world.
4-Feminism is still used as a pejorative and those who use it as such are willfully ignorant.
5-Racism is alive and well.
6-So is sexism.
7-When my Republican Conservative friends concede defeat graciously, they ruin my gloating fun.
8-Fortunately, I have less gracious friends as well, so I can still gloat with impunity.
9-Mitt Romney's concession speech gave an insight into him that we didn't get to see much of this campaign season.  And it was classy.  And I expect his call to the Seventy any day. 
10-President Obama's speech was a bit maudlin and over the top, but I suppose that is to be expected.  He just won a really tight race.
11-I was surprised by the results.  I honestly thought it was going to be a Republican win and I was looking forward to watching what might happen.  Well, not looking forward, but mighty interested.
12-I was disappointed in the vitriol expressed by some of my more extreme friends.  See #3.
13-Close campaigns are way more entertaining that landslides.
14-I guess Harry Reid will have to save the Constitution now.  Either that, or it isn't actually dangling by a thread.  I'm going with option B.
15-We're still wallowing in freedoms over here, freedoms we should be grateful for, while remembering that others are not so blessed.
16-We would do well to remember that the President can't destroy or save the country on his own.  We're part of the saving or the destroying.  It's what the Founding Fathers intended.
17-Canada is more socialist than we are.  They also love the gays and the atheists, so if you are disappointed with the election results, Canada may not be the place for you.
18-As a woman, a mother and a feminist, I'm very pleased with the election results.


Mumbles said...

I really enjoyed reading this--a lot of fine thoughts. I, too, have found myself surrounded by people threatening to abandoned the U.S. for Canada, Norway, Australia (with its socialist, atheist, feminist Prime Minister!), and other decidedly strange destinations. Strange for folks decrying our descent into evil socialism, anyway. I had planned to be a gracious winner, but that sort of fell by the wayside when so many of the losers wound up being so very foul about it.

I had fun here--looking forward to reading more!


Paige said...

I stumbled upon your blog today. I found this article very witty and found myself actually laughing out loud on several points (Canada!).