Monday, February 25, 2008

New job

Not a whole lot of crafty news to report. I am nearly done with the Gryffindor socks I am making, which is good, seeing as how the recipients birthday is in a few days! They are turning out quite well for my first pair, although I would change some things for the next time I make them. For one, I think I will knit some elastic into the ribbing so they stay up better. For two, I would decrease in the ankle area so they are a little more snug. I am excited, I have enough yarn to make another pair of socks.
I got Glamour Knits by Erika Knight for Christmas and have decided to knit the chevron sweater out of it. It is beautiful. I looked online for some fine cotton yarn, and the cheapest I could find would end up costing me about $65.00. Well, that is a little more than I can afford to spend on yarn. So, I ended up frogging and dyeing two thrift store sweaters I had to get the yarn I want. It came out pretty nice colors, too. I wasn't being very specific with my colors, so I didn't test any of them, just guessed on mixing, but I like what came out.
I am also knitting some reproduction antique gloves for Plimouth Plantation. They need the for their re-enactors and can't make them fast enough. Someone posted on Ravelry that they needed volunteers to knit gloves and stockings, so I thought I would give it a go. I have never knitted gloves before, so this should be interesting.

In personal news...I got a job. Weird. I am a little hesitant about the idea, I haven't had a job for 3 years and I don't really want to leave Lillian for long periods of time, I am quite attached to her, but, I think it will be good for me. I will be running the alterations dept. in a bridal shop and also designing for their spring line. That part is very exciting as the line is sold all over the world. It will be very fun, I think. Lilly will go to my mom for the times I am at work. It is just part time, so it should be okay. I am going to need a new car soon, anyway, so this will pay for it.

Lilly smashed her mouth open yesterday, poor baby. She will play by the fireplace, no matter what I do, and yesterday, she fell on the hearth. Her mouth was open and she busted her upper gum right open. It bled like crazy, I felt so bad. It left a big cut and quite a bruise. I think it was worse because she has a tooth coming in right there as well, so there was additional pressure. She is pretty cranky because of it.
Lil has abandoned her love of Toby Keith in favor of Michael Buble. When the CD is turned on and she hears it, wherever she is in the house, she pauses and then squeals and makes a bee line for the front room. It is so cute, she wants to dance to it. I usually dance her around to the music, but last night when Mike turned it on, she started dancing herself. I love it, it is so adorable.
She has discovered 2 new sounds she can make. bababa and gagaga. She says baby all the time now. She talks constantly, which I love. I may not love it later when she is constantly pestering me with questions, but for now, I think it is terribly cute. She says mama now, as well. (about time!) She still does her royal wave at people, but is starting to learn the regular wave. I am kind of sorry, as the royal wave is very funny. She also has learned some of the actions to "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
Well, I think that is about it!

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