Tuesday, February 5, 2008

News from the home front

So, I have been reading (too much) on Ravelry, world's best website, and have learned a few new things I would like to try.

The first among them is spinning. I can't afford a spinning wheel at the mo', but there is drop spindle spinning as well. Can't afford to purchase one, but found a link that teaches how to make one, easy peasy. So, I will make a spindle. I don't have any fibre to spin, but I know you can also spin multiple plies together to make a thicker yarn, and i have some lovely wools and cashmeres that are thinner than I want to knit with, so I am going to ply them together to see how it works, and if I end up with a heavier weight cashmere yarn? Fabulous.

I started knitting some mittens for Lillian today. She won't keep her arms in her blankie, no matter how tight we wrap her (little Houdini) and the heat is so low at night that her little hands freeze! This morning when I got her out of bed, her hands were purple, they were so cold. So, mittens it is. I am making them with a long ribbed band so she can't pull them off too easy. I will post those when finished.

I have another soaker almost done, very cute, pink and blue. I quite like it. I bought a thrift store sweater today and frogged part of it and washed the yarn, so I can knit her either another soaker or perhaps some capris. Or maybe a skirty. Haven't decided yet. I finally found a free pattern on Ravelry for a skirty. Tons of soakers and longies, but only one free skirty. Go figure.

I also received some lovely sock yarn from Elann today. Great prices and very nice yarn, I will order some more, I think socks will make some good Christmas gifts and you can never start too soon.

In personal news...

We have been getting insane amounts of snow lately. Yesterday we got about 8", crazy. I haven't seen this much snow since I was little. Then it thawed a little today and melted some puddles, which promptly turned to black ice when the sun went down. Not cool.

My mom is making Lillian some summer clothes, tonite she made the cutest pair of sailor capris and was on her way over to try them on Lil, when she stepped on a lovely spot of black ice and down she went. Broke her ankle clean across. She is at the hospital right now getting it set, and she will have to have surgery to pin it back together. Ugh. Not fun. I will be taking care of her for the next couple of weeks. Not that I mind that, I don't at all. I hate that she is hurt and has to have surgery when they don't have insurance. I keep thinking that we have had enough of pain and injury, etc. Wrong. It keeps coming. I guess the Lord is trying to toughen us (all my fam) up for something. I sometimes think it is harder to deal with issues that affect one's family members than it is to deal with things that affect oneself.

In happier news, the new First Presidency of our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) was announced. Thomas S. Monson is the new President/Prophet, Henry B. Eyring is 1st Counselor and Dieter Uchtdorf is 2nd Counselor. Very cool, happy to have them, interested to see what direction the Lord wants them to take the church.

That is all for now, I am very stressed, but as President Hinckley said,"It will all work out". I just have to have faith in that and let it.

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