Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In crafty type news...
I made a spindle for spinning! It is very cool. I will post a pic here soon, but I don't have my camera at the mo'. I bought some merino roving at the LYS and started spinning. It is much easier than I had anticipated, very exciting. There is, of course, much more for me to learn, but I do have the basic idea down. I quite enjoy it. I have one sock done for my SIL, but it is a bit largish. Baggy. I think I will wash it in hot and block it and see if I can shrink it a tad. Turned out very cute, though. Hand knitted socks are much comfier than I had anticipated.
Whilst at my mom's today I made a dress for a client. I should have done it ages ago, but things kept getting in my way! It is just a casual type dress, but it turned out well, and I think it will look nice on her. Can't fit it as she lives in CA, but hopefully she will send me some pics. Tomorrow I am going to make a couple of shirts for Lillian and some interior dec stuff for another client. It is nice to sew at my mom's house because she can keep Lillian entertained, but I do not prefer her machine! It is much slower than mine, I have a super speedy industrial.
I intend to get a lot of sewing done while my mom recovers, simply because she does entertain Lil. And Lil keeps her entertained, which is good, as mom is having a hard time with the enforced idleness.

ETA: here is a pic of spindle and partly done spinning.

Hard to keep the personal and the crafty crap separated, they seem to blend!
In very happy news, we have had a delightful warm spell! It had been around 45 degrees for most of the day for 3 days in a row. So nice. I can wander around outside without a jacket. Of course, it won't last, we will get hit with the snow again, argh. But it is highly enjoyable for now. A lot of the snow has melted off of the back lawn and is completely gone from the driveway. The evil, evil driveway upon which my mom slipped and broke herself.
Lilly has teeth! Two adorable little teeth on the bottom. She got them about a week or so ago, and they are so cute. Getting them in was a bear, though. Ooh, she was cranky. I think she is getting more on top now, as her upper gums look very swollen and she can't seem to keep her fingers out of her mouth.
She is pulling up to everything now, without any problems. She also lets go occasionally for a brief moment. I think she will be walking soon. It is crazy how much happier she is now that she can crawl. She doesn't need me to hold her all the time and is becoming more independent every day. I love it. I can clean a little more now without her freaking out on me if I walk out of the room. She still does it sometimes, especially if she is tired, but not nearly as much. I expect her to become even more independent when she can walk. It will be much easier for her to follow me from room to room.
She is finally starting to say Mama. I have been trying to get her to say it for a while, but she is rather hung up on daddy. She howls it when she is whining/crying. It is pretty funny. She is learning the hand motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider and Popcorn Popping, which is terribly cute and always claps at the end of the song.
Mom taught her to dance to I've Got No Strings, and now she dances to anything if you hold her up and jig her around. Her feet get going like crazy and she giggles nonstop. It looks like she is tap dancing. Hysterical, I got it on video today.
I wish I remembered to write more often, as I know I forget stuff she does that I will want to remember, but oh well.

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Marietta said...

itsy bitsy spoider! that is what i need to teach max! why do i not remember these things - i will surely flunk mom school :)