Sunday, April 6, 2008

100 things

I saw this in my friend's blog, so I am copying her!

1. I spend way too much time on Ravelry. Just ask my husband or the baby.
2. I am a terrible housekeeper. Not because I don't know how, but because I just don't.
3. I won't let anyone else do my laundry. I will let my mom help with regular laundry and DH can do his own laundry and the occasional load of towels, but I won't let anyone else touch mine.
4. I cloth diaper my daughter.
5. I am addicted to sunflower seeds and diet Dr. Pepper.
6. I won't lose all the baby weight by Lil's first birthday.
7. I loved being a SAHM, but I also love having gone back to work (part time)
8. I love my car, even though it looks like a POS.
9. I have two very big, very smelly dogs.
10. I am multi-craftual, but my first and best love is sewing.
11. I am a computer retard.
12. Sometimes I laugh so much I give myself a headache from lack of oxygen.
13. When I laugh really hard, no sound comes out.
14. I startle very hard if someone wakes me up. Sometimes I freak out.
15. I co-sleep with my baby. And I like it.
16. Socks and soakers are my favorite things to knit.
17. Despite my choice of career, I think actors and brides are annoying.
18. I have never been this chubby before.
19. I wish I had auburn hair.
20. I live in a town I made fun of growing up.
21. My husband and I would win on Frontier House.
22. I don't like camping because I like my bathroom.
23. I tend to be a workaholic.
24. I read voraciously.
25. My favorite book (okay series) is Harry Potter or LOTR
26. I am a sucker for a good fairy tale.
27. My favorite color is blue.
28. I was a pre-med student when I started college.
29. It didn't last.
30. I knew my husband for several years before we started dating.
31. He had the hots for my roommate.
32. I mostly only like kids that belong to me in some way, i.e. friends' kids, nieces and nephews...
33. I knit in church.
34. I am a liberal conservative.
35. I am the queen of bargain shopping.
36. My little daughter has as many clothes as I do. Possibly more.
37. I have a shoe addiction.
38. I redecorate my front room every spring and fall.
39.This often involves recovering my couch and chairs.
40. I have a degree in Costume Design.
41. My favorite color is blue.
42. I am older than my husband.
43. I have 5 brothers, but no sisters.
44. My mom lives next door, and I like it.
45. Husband likes it too.
46. I have no musical talent whatsoever, but I get theory pretty well.
47. I don't embarrass easily
48. I am very clumsy.
49. Which is dangerous, as I love to wear very high heels.
50. I have injured myself fairly badly falling down. Twice.
51. My house is over a hundred years old.
52. I used to speak French.
53. I want to return to London.
54. I love Pre-Raphaelite art.
55. I don't watch Lost, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars or any other reality shows.
56. I love House and Grey's Anatomy.
57. I sew very well.
58. I tend to hang on to my friends.
59. I have been friends with one girl for 30 years and some change. Now she lives across the street and our kids are the same age.
60. I rarely go to bed before 2 am
61. I hate mornings.
62. And cheesecake.
63. I like all of my brothers' wives.
64. They each only have one.
65. I talk to much.
66. I am very opinionated.
67. If you can't support your opinion or argument, I will stomp it into the ground.
68. I am aware that it isn't nice.
69. I am fiercely loyal.
70. I have a red personality. Straight up.
71. I yell when I am angry or upset.
72. I wish I didn't cry so easily.
73. It took me three years of Sundays to embroider my daughter's christening gown.
74. I think it is a sin to throw away a book.
75. I like to vacuum.
76. I am really good at making corsets.
77. I hate misspelled words.
78. I never knew that people hated Mormons (weird)
79. I love good cheese
80. I do not like pop tarts.
81. I lose my keys nearly every day.
82. I don't think rap should qualify as music.
83. I think I am pretty awesome.


The Whitaker Family said...

I love reading your blog, Tara! It makes me remember how much I adore you and miss you...... :) (((HUGS!!))) --Mary

Marietta said...

17 (have done both and agree!!!), 21&22 (only reason i couldn't do 21 is becasue of 22 :) - love that whole series,78 (neither did my assistant)
your blog is such good times!

normanack said...

People hate Mormons? Sigh. I guess hatred can be directed anywhere.

I can see how some may not understand Mormons, and some may not agree with Mormon doctrine/practice, but hate? Weird, indeed.

I grew up in a church that did not officially recognize the Mormon religion as Christian. And yet some of the kindest, most generous, best people I knew at the time were, you guessed it, Mormon. I've enlarged my horizons since then. ;-)

Great blog, cute-as-can-be daughter!