Sunday, April 6, 2008


So, update on my world. I wonder if anyone cares?

Lilly turns one soon. I can't believe it. I look at her and think "What happened to my tiny baby?" Not that she is big, she isn't. She is wee. Doesn't weigh quite 17 lbs. Little beggar. She is so ready to turn around and face forward in her carseat, but she can't do that until she is 20 lbs. It is going to be awhile. I feel bad for her.

I bought her some squeaky shoes today to see if they would make her more inclined to walk. Well, they make her more inclined to have me hold her up so she can walk. She thinks it quite funny to stomp around in them, but she still doesn't want to really walk by herself. She has done it a couple of times by accident, but she won't try on her own.

In crafty news, I learned how to knit two socks at a time on one circular needle. I had to buy an addi turbo for this. They are pretty pricey, but worth the money, I think. They are super slick, so the yarn doesn't get stuck on them, even when you pull the stitches super tight. The bad thing is, Lilly can yank whatever I am knitting right off without a whole lot of effort. And she thinks that is fabulously funny. I took Lilly with me to the yarn store the other day, because I wanted to get some sock yarn. She looked and looked around the store, was quite enjoying herself, then spotted a skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn in a basket. It had to be hers. Normally, she goes for the brighter yarns. Last time we bought sock yarn for her, she got a bright yellow. I tried to get her to lean toward a nice soft pink or blue, but she wanted the bright yellow. Well, this yarn that she chose this time (and I am not exaggerating, this kid has opinions) was lovely, but somewhat subdued. It has a nice rose, green blue, black and cream variegated. I thought it might be a fluke, so I showed her some brighter colors, but no, she wanted that one! Fortunately, it was on sale, so we bought it. It knitted up into a lovely pair of socks. They were the first I did on the two at a time thing, so I didn't know how to alter the pattern yet. They will fit her next fall.

I am now knitting her a pair of socks that should fit her now. I got some blue-faced leicester on a RAK on Ravelry and dyed it with Easter egg dye. It turned out very well. I made it self-striping, but the color changes aren't as long as I would like. I will try something different next time. This time, I wound it into a 4 yard around hank, then dyed each quarter of it a different color, so the color changes are about a yard each. I want longer, but I don't have the space. This time, I am going to knit a big square with it on my knitting machine, dye stripes into it, then frog it and reskein the yarn. Then I can get a really long color change without hogging too much space. I really need to get some acid dyes, so I can have more color options.

Back on Lilly, she has started choosing her own clothes in the morning. It is hysterical, if I am holding her when I go to get the clothes out of the closet, she has to choose. And she really does! She will push around the clothes, look through them, then pull something out. I have tried to put it back and see what she does. She mostly gives me a look, then shoves around until she finds it again. I love it.

Well, I should probably get to bed!

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