Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hello Again!

I haven't posted for a good while, things have been quite busy!
I guess I should finish my 100 things. But before I do, here is a shoutout to the only two people who ever leave comments on my blog.
Hi Mary, I miss you and Audrey is darling.
Hi Marietta! Thanks for the comments!

So, here we go

84. Currently, I do not miss being a business owner.
85. This is possibly because DH is and his is going crappers at the mo'
86. I would like to own a Dooney and Bourke bag.
87. I also want some Jimmy Choos.
88. I am an official designer for an existing bridal/eveningwear line.
89. I work best under stress.
90. I need deadlines to get things done.
91. My daughter's room is nicer and bigger than my own.
92. I dye yarn.
93. I recently learned to spin.
94. I am of average height, but people always think I am short.
95. I love the scent of lavender.
96. It bugs me when people don't have opinions.
97. My mom cooks dinner for us 4 nights a week.
98. But I buy the groceries for both households.
99. I love to be glam, but most days, I wear a tshirt and jeans.
100. I am very happy.

Okay, now on to other things.
I knit Lilly the cutest pair of woolly hot pants. Okay, they weren't really meant to be hot pants, I just haven't added the cuff to the bottom yet. They are to go over her diaper in the summer time, because wool breathes and PUL (her diaper covers) don't. I really need to get it in gear and post some pics of the stuff I have made.

Lilly is starting to walk. But she has been starting to walk for about 3 weeks now. She just won't do it. She thinks it is great fun to walk between me and someone else over and over and over again, but she won't walk to get where she wants to go. She is very wobbly and it is hysterical to watch, but I wish she would figure it out for real.
She doesn't eat like she should, big surprise, that may be a contributing factor to her tininess. Haha. The other day she ate strawberries and edamame for lunch. What baby does that? Oh, and she loves smoked sharp cheddar and brie. Little weirdo. She wouldn't eat her apples and cereal yesterday morning, but when I opened the cooler to get the milk delivery, she saw the big chunk of cheese I ordered, took it and immediately started chewing on it, although it was still in the wrapper. So, I opened it and cut of a chunk for her and she ate it. Good think she got over the lactose sensitivitity she had as an infant. Cause she loves her some milk and ice cream, as well.
I love that she is not remotely afraid of her dogs. They are big and sometimes they knock her over and make her mad, but she has no fear of them. She will lay on them, feed them, ride them, let them lick her. She just loves them, gets all excited when DH lets them in the house.
Oh, here is a funny. I have been thinking that maybe she doesn't really understand sometimes when I tell her something, most particularly when I tell her not to do something. Well, I have decided she selectively understands me. If I say "give your doggie loves" she hugs the dog. If I say "don't touch my computer" she gives me this blank stare. Like she has no idea what I am talking about. HA! She knows, she is just stubborn. Or determined, as my mom likes to say. Yes, she is.

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The Whitaker Family said...

I miss you too, Tara! I love your blog, btw-- its so good to hear about your life again and all about sweet Lilly too... What a crack-up and how cute she sounds! You DO need to post some pics, you know...

Oh yeah, and I TOTALLY hear you on the selective understanding!