Friday, May 2, 2008

Diaper cover tutorial

Sorry for the lack of pictures, folks. I don't know where they went! I will find them and get them reposted, asap.
Sorry about the photos, all. I will get them reposted as soon as I can!
Okay, here is a tutorial I promised my Rav-friend Hali.

This is for a PUL or other waterproof single layer cover. This particular one in photos is coated nylon taffeta with PUL binding. So, here goes. I hope it works.

We will start with all of the pieces.

We have-the diaper cover, gussets, binding, elastic, velcro.

Step 1-Bind the gussets on the straight edge with PUL strips. You do not need to turn the edges under, as PUL does not fray. I do it all in one step, just wrap the PUL around the edge of the gusset and go. If you can't do this, stitch it to the backside first, then to the front side.

2-Cut 2 4" pieces of elastic. Thread the elastic through the binding and secure both ends.

3-Stitch the loop side of the velcro to the front of the diaper cover about 1" from the top. I use loop fabric from, it does loosen up on the edges a bit, so I zigzag them.

4-Stitch the gussets to the diaper cover in the middle of the leg area, wrong sides together. This will put the seam on the outside of the cover. It will get covered up with binding and will leave the inside nice and smooth for baby.

5-Begin binding the body of the diaper cover. Start at one side of the back, where you want the elastic to begin and bind to the same point on the other side of the back, where you want the elastic to end.

6-Thread a 4 1/2" piece of elastic through the binding, securing both ends.

7-Bind around the tab to the end of the gusset. Leave a small space in the stitching and continue binding the leg opening, ending at the other end of the gusset.

8-Thread a 4 1/2" piece of elastic through the binding on the leg opening from one end of the gusset to the other, using the space in stitching to pull the elastic through to the far end. Secure both ends and close up the space in the stitching, after making sure elastic is completely inside.

9-Continue binding around the front of the cover, repeat the process with the other leg opening and elastic. Finish binding body of cover.

10-Attach velcro to tabs, and you are done!!

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