Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Lilly is walking for real! yeay! She has been walking on her own all evening and I am very excited. It is so cute because she is so tiny.
She also found her nostril, which is hysterical. She sticks her finger up her nose and just looks intently at my mom, who howls with laughter. She never smiles, just looks. When my mom stops laughing she pulls her finger out of her nose and then sticks it back in to make my mom laugh more. When she saw how funny that was she thought sticking her finger in her eye would be equally funny. It wasn't.


The Whitaker Family said...

Ohmygosh, Tara, I'm totally laughing out loud here!!! How so totally cute!!!!

Marianne said...

Yay for Lilly walking. Collin is still not. I think he's protesting. We're back from Europe. I've posted a lot pictures and stuff on my blog. Let's get together soon now that it's warming up.