Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nerdy Baby

I confess to falling to falling prey to that which all mothers fall prey. I think The Small One is a genius.

Perhaps I should clarify. As far as I am aware, not all mothers think The Small One is a genius. They may think their small one is a genius, but not The Small One. But, at any rate, she is. A genius, I mean.

Okay, maybe not quite a genius, but she comes pretty darn close. Smart kid. And smart kids, they are difficult. Primarily because they can outthink us sad adults.

Tonight, and Melissa, this is for you, I was playing flashcards with The Small One. My lovely and delightsome friend, the abovementioned Melissa, sent The Small One the most hysterical set of flashcards, ever. They are from The Nerdy Baby and I so love them. The motivation for this lovely gift, aside from The Small One's recent celebration of her birth, was my complaint that she liked to say smoke detector far more often than I like to hear it. All the time. Moke detecka. Larm go beep-beep. Yes, my love, I know. And do you know how I know? Because you have told me ninety five thousand times.

Bless her, she does like that word.

Anyhow, because she is kind, Melissa decided to rescue me from my plight. True friend, that. So, in an act of benevolence, she sent the flash cards in the hope that The Small One might learn a new word. Which she did. Ask her to say Particle Accelerator. It is awesomeness. This is what I am talking about, these flash cards rock my world. Especially because I was a total science geek in school. I wanted to become a doctor, you know. (I have decided to become a midwife instead, but that is for later.)

I will provide you with brief sampling of the words contained on said flash cards. A is for Atom, B is for Binary Code, C is for Cell Membrane, D is for Diurnal, E is for Electromagnet. And on down to the fave, P is for Particle Accelerator.

Now, Particle Accelerator coming out of the mouth of a two year old is hysterical. So, of course, we make her say it over and over. Small One! P is for? Pakikle celawata. Followed by giggles and laughs from her proud parents.

Are you wondering if there is a point to this story? One beyond my telling you how cute and clever my little girl is? There isn't, but the story does continue.

After our fun with flash cards, it was time for The Small One to get ready for bed. Off she went and climbed into her little bed. Okay, not really, The Man of the House had to put her there. Once there, the discussion commenced.

Need pias fores. What? Need pias fores! Um, I have no idea what you are saying.

I was called in to translate as The Man of the House was getting nowhere. Say it again, Boo.
Need pias fores! Wow, not a clue. I asked her to show me what she wanted and she pointed to the front room. Pias Fores! Exasperation sounded in her voice. I still had no clue. She climbed out of bed, motioned for me to follow her and went in to the front room.

Straight for her flashcards.

Aahhh! Realization dawned.

She needed her P is for...


Kaytee Postma said...

That is so cute!!!!

Melissa Steele said...

Oh the multi-level delight as I laughed to tears! I am so glad you are as/more amused than I was at the gift. And awesome that The Small One loves them so much. I think you mentioned a video...ya, I want to see that too!

Marianne said...

She is cute. Those flash cards are hilarious. And I can totally see you as a midwife.

Jen said...

Haaaaa! THAT. is hilarious!!

Justin's dying--he wants those flashcards. For himself, I think. :)

Bugga said...

Yes, I've heard her reference to moke detecta! It is pretty darned funny . . . and cute coming from a wee child! But what's more fun is to see her parents' gales of laughter with each delivery!

The Whitaker Family said...