Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello again.

Well, instead of doing two blogs, I am going to just mix up my needlecraft stuff with my personal/Lillian stuff. It's my blog, I can do what I want. So, I will post crafty crap first, and personal/Lillian stuff second. If you are reading this blog and care, just skip the part you don't want to read.
So, crafty crap...
Ever since I joined the lovely website Ravelry (bad for me) I have been knitting like crazy. It is absolutely inspiring as far as wanting to knit. I have finished more projects in the month or so I have been a member than I had in my whole life. I can knit a lot faster now.
I am mostly knitting stuff for Lilly, as I am very impatient and like projects to go fast. She is so wee, that I can knit something for her in a day or two. Since we cloth diaper her, I thought it would be nice to knit her some woolly soakers, which are diaper covers. Wool is naturally water-resistant, and when it is lanolinized, it is nearly waterproof. Much cuter than PUL covers, and nicer, because it breathes. Fortunately she is not allergic. I have knit 3 so far and am working on the fourth right now. I also want to knit her some capris and skirties, and really, it is so cold that I ought to do a couple of pairs of longies.
I also knit a great hat for myself, but my choice of yarn color (red) makes it look like I am wearing a pirate hat. Oh, well. I started knitting a lovely lace spencer, but it takes a lot of time, and Lilly needs the soakers, so that is on hold for the mo'.
In sewing news, I just made a costume for a girl for a masquerade ball. It turned out lovely, 16th century. I haven't made a costume like that for a few years, since I left the university.
Other than that, not much sewing getting done. Lilly doesn't let me sew much, but knitting is fine, as I can be down on the floor with her.
In other news. Lilly has cut two teeth. It was painful for both of us. Her, because it hurt, me because she was sooooo cranky! But they are finally through, so all is well.
She is participating in a vaccine study for meningicoccal bacteria, which is good. She gets the vaccine for free and I don't really want her to get meningitis again. Hopefully, everything will turn out. A little nervous, as it is a trial.
She crawls like crazy now, and I love it. Although she does get into everything and puts everything in her mouth, she is a much more content baby now she is mobile. She chases Mike around the wall that separates the bathroom hall from the front room, it is quite funny. Today at the doctors office, she took a couple of steps to grandma without realizing she did it, very nice. I will like it when she walks.
I had to have some tests done to try to figure out the cause of my headaches, turns out my thyroid is low. Who knew? This explains a lot of problems I have been having these past 3 months or so, fatigue, headaches, unable to get warm, dry skin and a host of other problems.. Hopefully the meds will fix it.
So, I think that is all for now!

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