Sunday, January 6, 2008


I have been madly knitting a new sweater shrug from Ravelry and I have a very bad habit of basically wadding myself up into a little ball when I knit. So, now my knees hurt as I have been in this position for much of the day. I should get out and take a walk once in a while! But the sweater is coming along beautifully. It is looking a little smaller than I expected, but is very pretty. I suppose if it is too small, I will just give it to my niece.

Lilly has been a huge pain at night, lately. She doesn't sleep well, moans most of the night and wakes up howling without any kind of her usual preamble. It is hard on the nerves. I am not sure why she keeps waking up, nightmares, maybe? Do babies have nightmares? I don't know.
She has learned to cheese at people, which is hysterical. It is the goofiest fake smile, I love it. Grandma cheeses at her all the time, I am sure that is where she learned it.

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