Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Whoo hoo! Headache gone. It left me at about 1 this afternoon. Thank goodness.
Okay, well, here are some of my plans for this year.
As far as handwork goes, I am hoping to knit a Regency style dress for Lillian to wear next fall/winter. She will be old enough then that she can go to church and I would like something really fabulous for her to wear. I am thinking a nice lightweight blue wool. I am wanting to knit it in a sort of open lacey pattern. I hope it works. I should really get started now, because I think it is going to take a while, being such a fine yarn.
I am working away on my Anne Elliot shrug. It is coming along nicely. I thought I had made a giant mistake and was going to have to frog all the way back to the ribbing, but I didn't, I had just miscounted. Whew!
As for other things to knit, I don't know. I am wanting to knit lots of stuff for Lills.
I should make a bunch of clothes for me, but I am so not inspired whilst still carrying ten pounds of baby weight. So that is something I need to do this year as well. Exercise and drop the weight. I have a feeling that if I exercised more, I would get those headaches less, and likely be much less tired.
Lilly has her 9 month well baby appt. next week at which time I will find out if we can start phasing out the nighttime feedings. I am hoping we can. They make me very tired, even when Mike does them, I still wake up. He can fall right back to sleep, but if I wake up, it takes me some time to fall asleep again.
I am hoping to get rather more work this year. Last year I took a lot of time off, having had the baby and all, this year, I would like to earn enough money for us to go on a nice vacation. I need to get my studio redone with the hard floor, since Lil can crawl now, it isn't safe for her to be in their on the pin-laden carpet. I need a surface I can sweep up, as she eats things. We are going to put in a wood floor to match the nursery. I am very excited about this as I think it will look fabulous. I intend to knit a rug on my knitting machine for the room, for Lilly to play on.
Lilly loves our laptops, so last night, Mike hooked up an old monitor to his laptop and gave Lilly an old keyboard to play on. She was in heaven. She pounded on the keyboard and kept climbing up to the monitor and squealing at it. Adorable. He put a slide show of pictures of her on it. Being the vain child that she is, she loved it.
I put Lilly in her crib tonite. She has been sleeping with us, but I have not slept well lately, she is getting so big that she hogs the bed. If we had a king size, I wouldn't care, but we don't. So, we will see how this goes.
Well, I think that is all for now!


The Journey said...

congrats on having your baby. I love your personal blog and would like to be blogger friends.

Marietta said...

max has been sleeping through the night for a long time - but about 6 weeks ago he has been having these baby nightmares every few nights. Last night was at 3am - and he would just not sleep. sometimes it is the diaper , sometimes food....so annoying! :)

i love the idea of the monitor and keyboard - why didn't i think of that!