Monday, March 24, 2008

Crunchy Granola Goddess Mother

So, reading around on the various online communities to which I belong, I have discovered something I had never suspected. I am a crunchy granola goddess mother! What?!?!? Ok, not really, but I sure do a lot of the things they do, just not for the same reasons. Very funny.
For instance:
I breastfed the baby. Well, pumped anyway. Not because it made me feel all earth-mothery (it didn't) but because baby had immature bowel and simply couldn't process anything else. In the end it was easier to pump and feed her breastmilk than to listen to the crying that would have ensued had I given her formula. There was plenty of crying anyway, as she had colic due to the immature bowel.
Second-I wear my baby. In a sling. That I made myself. LOL. I don't wear her because I believe that it is good for her to be carried all of the time. I don't believe that, actually. I think it is good for them to be put down. However, it is not good for me to have to listen to the crying all of the time. (to be fair, she has mostly outgrown that habit, mostly) I wear her rather than carry her because otherwise I would get nothing done. I don't get much done anyway, but it would be even less. Plus, it is infinitely more comfortable than carrying her, or any other method of baby carrying I have come across, i.e. baby bjorn.
Third-we co-sleep. Well, we did, she prefers her own bed, now. The reason for doing this, again, is a little different from the granola way. We didn't do it because it is "natural" or this is how our ancestors did it. We did it because we are just too damn lazy and tired to get up in the middle of the night and walk down to the nursery to feed or change the baby. If you co-sleep, you don't even have to wake all the way up to take care of baby. It was lovely. Now, she is too big, and doesn't like the noise daddy makes when he snores. Or the disturbance mama makes when she rolls over in bed. She prefers her crib, although she still wants to go to sleep with daddy and be moved after she wakes up. Mike puts her back in my bed when he goes to work so I don't have to get up if she wakes early. He is so nice, and I do like having her in my bed with me. Nice cuddle time.
We make our own baby food. Again, not because we are afraid of the processed stuff. It isn't really all that bad, and it doesn't have extra sugar or salt, as some people have said. No, the reason we make our own baby food is because, Lilly, bless her heart, has a rather refined palate. Yes, it is true. She thinks baby food tastes like crap. And the texture is much to smooth for her. There are a couple of baby items she will eat, and I keep them on hand for convenience, but dang it, she likes garlic and herbs in her carrots and they don't come that way in a baby jar.
And, lastly, this is a biggie (no pun intended) we cloth diaper. It is true. Not because it is cheaper or better for the environment (although those are lovely bonuses) no, because we have to. Lilly's poor bum breaks out in a bleeding rash if we use disposables. She has some sensitivity or allergy to the chemical in sposies that gels the urine. Now, cloth diapering is not hard, these are not your mama's cloth diapers. These are lovely, shaped diapers with elastic and closures. And waterproof fitted covers. No saggy, baggy bum. I also no problem with the washing, as I have my own methods, but I won't go into it here. If you have questions about it, leave a comment. I will be happy to wax poetic about it.
So, I don't know. Maybe I a really am a crunchy granola goddess mother and I am in denial. But, somehow, I don't see those people wearing 5" red high heels. Or siren red lipstick. What do I know?

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Chrispy said...

If you are those things then I will be them also and when I was in art school, I was considered too traditional and most of them are super crunchy.

I personally know that if I can I will breast feed my children. I will cloth them in cloth because I have an allergy to petroleum products and my children will also have a sensitivity also. I too will also wear my baby so as to accomplish more things. If I have the energy I will cook my own baby food because it helps to know what you are feeding your child and to cater to their taste and texture.

I also cook vegetarian dishes a lot not because we are vegetarians but that it is cheaper to cook this way.

Lastly I use all natural cleaners and natural body products because I have too many allergies and have to use these or expect a visit to a dr office or worse.