Sunday, March 16, 2008

What else do you do?

For those of you not interested in the whole post:
The first part is life stuff
The second section is Lilly stuff
The third is crafty stuff

So, my lovely friend SFB stopped by yesterday morning to pick up some stuff and ended up staying for several hours. Yeay! I haven't seen enough of her lately as she has been very busy. While she was here sitting in front of the fire DH had built, he decided to make us breakfast. What a lovely Saturday morning! SFB didn't want to leave. While we were sitting on the floor talking and playing with Lillian, SFB asked, "So, what else do you do besides knit and work?" DH poked his head in from the kitchen and said "That's it!" Sad, I guess I should branch out a little. In my defense, I also spin and play with baby. LOL.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day painting. I had been planning to redo my studio to try and make it a little more user friendly and desirable to be in. Also, I needed a hard floor because I don't really want Lillian eating pins and such that get stuck in the carpet. While I was working on the stuff for the Credit Unions, I spent some time sewing at my mom's house, as she was helping me. She has her sewing machine right in front of a big window and it made it so much easier to work! So, I decided (after talking to Mike) that I would switch my studio and Lillian's room. There are a number of reasons this will work better.
1. There is already hard floor in Lil's room.
2. Said hard floor is not so nice for Lil to play on.
3. Lil has LOTS of furniture in her room. Crib, changing table, toy box, hope chest (that's mine), couch (large).
4. Lil has way too many clothes to fit in her tiny closet and I am hogging the other closet for yarn and gown storage.
So, the plan is to move her room into my studio, which is bigger, so her furniture will fit. I am going to use one corner of it to make into a temporary large closet for myself and the closet I am currently in will house her things nicely. The carpet will be nicer for her to play on and there will be room for her to have her toys out. Like right now, her rocking horse and play tunnel just sit in front of the closet I use for storage, in the other room, they can be out where she can play.
Because of the two closets in her current bedroom, I will need less room for my crap that is all over the place in my studio.
Also, big bonus, it will put Lilly closer to our room, which is nice.
I am very excited to change things up, but man, it will be hard to organize all of my stuff. Right now, it is a giant disaster. I didn't move everything out before I started painting, and it is such a mess now. I am not looking forward to redoing all of that. My mom will come over to help, though, and she is a wiz at organizing. Thank goodness.

So, Lillian...
What a hilarious baby she is. And so noisy! She is loud and laugh-y all of the time, so jolly and happy, I love it. She is still very high maintenance, does not like it when I leave the room without telling her, but I can live with that. She gets into everything, all of the time. Sticks everything in her mouth. Little punk. And does she smart off! When I yell at her, she points her finger at me and yells back. She is a big fake cryer lately, too. If she gets in too much trouble, she scrunches up her goofy little face for a minute, then out comes the most fake wail ever! What a cheeseball.
I wish I had written last night, I had so many things to post about her. Now I am having a hard time remembering. Grrr. I hate that!
Let's see, she still doesn't kiss daddy very often. And when she doesn't do it, she has the most mischievous look on her face, she knows she is teasing him, it is so funny. But, it is a trade-off. She says daddy all of the time, and still won't say mama very much. She has been all daddy's girl this weekend, which is just fine by me! Mike took care of her all day yesterday while I painted. I came out a few times to try and give him a break from her, but she did not want to come to me. Same with today. He has had her all day, she doesn't want me. I feel okay about this, because during the week, she is attached to me all of the time.
Let's see, oh, she has figured out how clothes work! She tries all of the time to put her socks on and lately has a thing for my shoes. She will crawl over to whatever pair of my shoes are out and try to get them on her feet, and when she does...oh, the triumph in her face! It is so cute. Tonight, she had a thing with putting her diapers on her head and crawling off with giggles. Go figure, I don't know what that was about, but it sure was funny!
She has also figured out a game with the curtain in my studio doorway. Even though it is mostly open all of the time, she will crawl through the curtain and let it drag along her head until it pops off and reveals her. She will do this over and over again, giggling the whole time. She has bonked her head on the door frame multiple times, because she can't see it while wrapped up in the curtain, but is too caught up in her game to realize it hurts. When she started to get into stuff in my studio yesterday, I would call to Mike to come and get her. When she heard or saw him coming, she TOOK OFF! I didn't know she could crawl that fast, especially while laughing that hard. Oh, it was awesome, she would just shriek and try to get away from him as fast as she could.
Yesterday, Mike took her over to Grandma's while he cooked dinner and her cousin (who is 4) was over there visiting. Well, Lillian loves to play with other kids, so it was a big squeal and giggle-fest on her part. For some reason, when Ethan jumps up and down, Lilly thinks it is hysterical. She giggles so much, you think she might barf. I love it. I love her giggle, it makes me laugh, it is so joyous. And Ethan loves her, which surprises me. He is a very quiet little boy, and Lil is the opposite of quiet, but they get along great and he keeps such a close eye on her, that she is quite safe with him.
The other day, Mike, Lil and I were getting something to eat at Taco Time and there was a small boy there with his family. I would guess he was about two. Anyway, his mom was up at the counter, so he was yelling to her. Lilly looked over and saw him and got all excited and started yelling and waving at him. It is funny to me that she can recognize other little kids as being like her, and that she has such an affinity for them.
She is still tiny, tiny. Whenever people see her they call her a little pixie. Nearly everyone. She is a little pixie. Tiny, thin body, very pale skin, big eyes and pointy ears. I think that is my favorite thing, the pointy ears. I had hoped I would have a baby with pointy ears and she does look just like a little fairy sprite. She is getting her top two teeth now, though, and they are kind of big, so she may cease to look like a fairy and start to look more like a squirrel. Or a bunny. ;) She is getting a fat little belly (finally) and it looks SO funny with her no-bum.
Well, I think that is all of the Lilly info at this point, I will try to be better about remembering the things I want to write. I should look at a baby book and see what milestones she is supposed to be at. That would probably help jog my memory.

In crafty news...I knitted another pair of shorties on my USM last night. I didn't finish the ribbing on the first pair of pants. I am knitting elastic thread into the ribbing so it doesn't stretch out and it is not nice to the fingers. In fact, it hurts, so I can only do a couple of rows at a time. I am also knitting a dress for Lillian for this summer. It is fine cotton on small needles, so it will take me a while.
I emptied my spindle of the coopworth roving last night so I could try this new roving someone sent me and it spins up gorgeously! I asked the sender what fibre it was, but she didn't know. I think it mught be corriedale. It is rougher than merino, but not as rough as the coopworth. It looks and feels like what I have read corriedale to be like. I have quite a bit of the roving, so I am excited for the yarn. I can spin a very fine single, now, but I am doing this one a bit thicker as I want a DK weight when I ply it. The coopworth I am doing a fingering weight once plied. The first yarn I did was a worsted weight single, so much thicker. I am excited to get the fleeces from my dad's friend, so I can try all of the steps to yarn making.
I need to get started on my easter dress, as easter is next week. I had one dress in mind, but it was for the thinner me that hasn't come back yet. I think I am still a wee too chubby for it yet, so I need to pick a new one. Lilly gets to go back to church next week, so I am going to need some church clothes! Must get to work! I have nothing to fit this body in spring/summer dresses. Yikes! I really have to get rid of this weight. It is making me crazy!

Well, I think that is all for now! Leave comments if you would like!

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