Friday, March 21, 2008

I love my baby!

Ack! She is so dang cute! Yesterday I stopped by the thrift store to browse sweaters for frogging (didn't find any) and we went into the toy area. There were several nearly new toys (couldn't believe it, wanted to buy a bunch for baby) and I picked up a little walk-behind toy. My friend has one for her son, and he loves it. He is only 1 month older than Lilly, so I thought she might like one, as well. I was thinking I would give it to her for her birthday, which is in a couple of weeks, I don't like to spend a lot on a 1 yr old for a birthday, as it is likely she will be more interested in the wrapping paper, so I thought a thrift store would be the way to go. Well, I wanted to try it out on her before I bought it to make sure she liked it. I have bought several rather expensive toys that she didn't care for, like an exersaucer and a rocking horse. She thinks the exersaucer is a punishment and the rocking horse freaks her out. It makes galloping noises and whinnies. So, I set the toy down on the ground, give it wipe with my wet ones (you never know what might be on that thing) and put her down behind it. Well, she took off. It didn't take her but a second to figure out what it is for and of she went with squeals and giggles. I took that to mean she liked it. ;)

I picked Lilly and the toy up and went to hand Lilly back to my mom and put the toy in the cart. No go, she wasn't having it, that was freedom, baby, and she wasn't going to give it up without a fight. She didn't throw a fit, but she squirmed and squirmed trying to get back down. My mom is in a wheelchair at the mo' and it wasn't easy to hang on to the little beggar. I figured it wouldn't hurt, the store wasn't crowded, so I let her back down. Once again, off she went. She tried to run, for goodness sake! Everytime she picked up speed, though, down she went on her knees. She walked all the way from the back of the store to the register with that thing and it was a struggle to get it away from her so the cashier could ring it up. You should have seen the smiles on peoples faces as she toddled her way up there, just smiling this big smile and laughing occasionally.

We brought it home and I gave it a good wipedown with bleach and water, then took her outside with it. She loves that thing! She has to walk over to grandma's with it. I can't carry her and it, she must be allowed to walk herself. It is awesome and she is so cute, because she is SO little.

Her two front top teeth are nearly in, she looks like a bunny. Oh well. I should get her a bunny eared headband. Now that would be funny.

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