Friday, March 14, 2008

What's up?

So, the weather turned nasty again. Dang it.

I got a job, did I mention that last time? I am not sure. Funny thing is, it is the same job I had 11 years ago at the same place. I am running the alterations shop in a bridal salon again. My friend and her husband inherited the shop from his parents recently and asked if I would come and take care of alts. I said sure.
Now, alterations are about my least favorite thing to do, sewing wise, but, the money is good and I have been thinking about getting a job recently. I want some extra money for stuff (my current knitting addiction among that stuff) so I said I would do it. I have actually been enjoying it more than I had anticipated. It is kind of fun to be out in the workforce again. Goodness knows, I proved that I am not terribly self-motivated when it comes to running my own business, so this is probably better. I feel like a person again, getting dressed up (ish) and wearing makeup and getting out of the house. It is nice to have an identity besides Lillian's mother.
I am still doing bear and mountain lion rugs as well. They are pretty good money, too. Fairly easy, although the big ones can be very heavy. They smell, too. I can't imagine wanting one of those in my house, much less laying on it, but, to each his own.
I also just did a big project for the League of Credit Unions. They are having their annual meeting and needed costumes for their ushers. 30 vests, hats and ties. What a bore. They sent their measurements to me, I didn't take them myself. That is always a bad idea, and I had a sense of foreboding about it that was dead on. Why do people lie to those who are responsible for clothing them? Seriously? Don't tell me you are a size 8 when you really are a 14. What purpose does that serve except that your clothes won't fit? I don't care what size people are, I just care that they are accurate! So, several of the vests were too small. Which is funny, since they have about 6" of ease. Grrr. It was a very tight build, too. Only 3 days from the time I managed to find enough fabric until pickup. But, once again, the money is good! I am dead tired though, from trying to hurry to finish everything. And the fact that it us 1:30 am. ;)
I knit a pair of capri longies for Lil tonite on my USM. They are very cute. I was hoping to have the ribbing done tonite (I am doing that by hand) so she could wear them tomorrow, but I don't think that will happen. No, I know it won't. I am about halfway done with the ribbing and I am going to bed after I post this, and I don't knit in my sleep, so I guess I will finish them tomorrow and post pics.
Well, I am falling asleep here, so I guess I will go. I will try to write again tomorrow to give an update on Lillian.
BTW-my sixth anniversary is tomorrow. Weird!

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