Friday, September 5, 2008

Blah, blah, blah...

Okay, update time!
We are currently down in the land of (way too hot) eternal summer, St. George, Utah. My SIL, Kaytee, is having her baby blessed this Sunday, so we came down for the celebration. And to bring down the dress, which I made. It is so pretty, very simple, but lovely white silk with a baby pink sash. Lilly had a bit of a hard time with the drive, it was 4.5 hours, which is too long for a baby to be strapped in a car seat. We ended up stopping at a rest stop so she could play for a bit. Tomorrow we are going over to the city park, which has a fountain and little river, very shallow, that she can play in, I think she will like it alot.
Last weekend, two of my little nephews stayed with us while their parents went hunting. I adore the older one, I used to be his nanny when he was a wee one. I did not know the younger one terribly well, as I don't see him that often, but he is awesome and adorable. Such a funny little boy and he talks so much. It was very fun to have them there for the weekend, I miss having my boy around. They were crazy and rowdy, but Lilly loved having them here. I think she was very glad to have them go home, though. She doesn't like having to share her mamma and her grandma. Ashley (the younger one) is very active and kind of a bully. Lilly is also a bit of a bully. Okay, they aren't really bullies, they are just kids who like to get their own way, and if no one argues, they will take their own way. Anyway, the two of them were hysterical together, fighting non-stop. A couple of times, I had to take one or the other of them over to my mom's because they wouldn't quit fighting. Tristan (the older one) was sweet and mellow and I wanted to keep him. He is my boy, I had him from the time he was born, due to my brother being in a major car wreck and his wife having to work.
When their parents came to pick them up, Tristan didn't want to go home. He is comfortable at my house, it is like home to him.
We were all sitting in the front room hanging out and at one point, Ashley and Lilly started fighting again. Lilly reached up to claw Ashley's face (a VERY bad habit of hers, which we are trying to break). He didn't appreciate it, so he bonked her in the face with the toy drill he was holding. Both Sean and Monica jumped up, expecting Lilly to start crying, since it was a pretty hard bonk. Lilly just gave Ashley some major stinkeye and went back to what she was doing. At that point, Sean just started to howl with laughter at her. She looks like a delicate little angel flower, but she isn't. She is a little toughie and a daredevil.
Must go, baby is very fussy and needs her meds.

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The Whitaker Family said...

Sounds like Audrey and Lilly are two peas in a pod in this respect. Its the age, I guess. Audrey doesn't play well with kids her own age. Cousins a bit older now, that's a different story. She loooooooves them! And she loves babies too.

Anyway, your post cracked me up-- we could swap bully stories! LOL!!!!