Sunday, September 14, 2008

I love surveys

I stole this one from Mary's blog. Hope she doesn't mind!

20 years ago I was:
In 8th grade at Orem Junior High.
Trying to decide where I wanted to go to college. ;)

10 years ago I was:
Working at BYU
Getting tornadoed in Wisconsin and having a nervous breakdown.
Living with Jolene, Mary and Lex. Fun times!

5 years ago I was:
Working at BYU (still)
Trying to get a bridal design business off the ground
Still adjusting to being married.

3 years ago I was:
Considering getting pregnant but having health issues that prevented it.
Making custom wedding gowns.
Buying my house.

1 year ago I was:
Having a baby.
Adjusting to said baby.
Losing 20 lbs on Weight Watchers

This year I am:
A designer for Eternity Bridal.
Still trying to lose more weight.
Having a great time with my Lilly.

Yesterday I:
Went to the State Fair with Mike, Lilly, Ethan, Mom and Gary.
Went to a wedding luncheon.
Worked on Fall 2009 designs.
Yakked with my dad until 3:30 this morning.

Today I:
Went to church.
Am exhausted (thanks, Dad!)
Worked on designs for Fall 2009.

I have a meeting where said designs are due.
Have 3 dresses to alter.
I am making pizzas on the grill. Yum.

Next year I:
Will hopefully only have one job.
Might consider getting pregnant again.
Had better be down to my pre-Lilly size.


Josh and Kaytee Postma said...

I hope you consider having another baby sooner than that. The one you have is so cute not to try for another one just as cute!

The Whitaker Family said...

don't mind at all-- I shouldda tagged you! :) Now I've got to go read it-- bad habit of mine, that!

The Whitaker Family said...

Like it! YAY!