Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yet again

Hey look, another entry! Already?

I just didn't finish last night's post because baby was fussy.

So, Lilly has a ton of teeth right now, more than most babies her age, so now we have taught her to show her teeth. Here is a pic of her showing her teeth, except she started giggling before I could snap it.

We went to the "water park" here in St. George today. Which really is a park with a water feature. There is a little rock wall with water running over the rocks down into a concrete "river" with big rocks in it. They also have one of those fountains that squirt up from the ground that you can run through. Anyway, Lilly loved it. She loves water anyway, so this was super fun for her. She got tired pretty fast, though, only played for half an hour or so.

The other day we had a HUGE rainstorm. It was super windy and the rain was just whipping around. I had put laundry out on the line and forgot it was there until about half way throught the storm. Mike went out to get all of the clothes, which had gotten blown right off of the line. Well, Lilly stood in the back door for a second and then decided to join him outside. It was awesome. She stood on the back patio with the rain just whipping her with her hands up to the sky, just squealing! She thought it was so great. It was cold, but she did not want to come in the house, finally I had to drag her inside and she was absolutely soaked. She LOVES wild storms. I have a pic of her out in it, but it is on my camera and I don't have it with me.


The Whitaker Family said...

heehee, look at her cute little pig tails!!!!!! She DOES have lots of teeth and she's so cute showing them off too! Ok, I have to go back and finish reading-- I got so excited I posted a comment early-- LOL!

PS-- You're welcome about posting comments, Tara-- isn't that what you're supposed to do?!?! ;)

PPS-- thanks for having a blog and updating it so I can keep tabs on you!!!

The Whitaker Family said...

Oooo, ooo, post the storm pic-- that's a GREAT story, how fun!!!

Josh and Kaytee Postma said...

To see Tara's beautiful dress she made for her niece, see after Monday, September 8. I will post the pictures then. Thank you Tara, it was so fun to have you here. I appreciate everything you do for us!

3boysohmy said...

Lilly is so dang cute! I love those pig tails!!! Wish we lived closer.