Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Things

Despite all my downer-ish posts, there are indeed good things happening in my world.  Small Daughter is finally getting comfortable in a pool, learning to swim for real, thanks to the hard work and focus of her 12 year old cousin.  She has done more for her in the past two weeks than I have been able to do for the past two years.  It's awesome, and Small Daughter is SO very proud of herself.  And, I'm proud of her.

Also, I was able to get her into the elementary school I want her in, HALLELUJAH for that.  I haven't been terribly fond of the school within whose boundaries we reside, and I have heard good things about this new school.  Plus, it starts earlier than her old school, so I will be able to take her to school myself.  I am very, very pleased about this.  It took a lot of begging and pleading of my case to get them to let her in.

Thirdly, my older brother and his family moved back to my side of the lake, within about 1/2 mile of us and I am VERY pleased to have them back!  I've missed having them nearby for the three years they've been gone.  Plus, having my niece that close is very useful, as she likes money and I like paying her to clean my studio.

So, yeay!  Happy things are afoot!

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