Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well, Bless my Soul

Dear blog reading friends, all, what?  5 of you?  I am sorry I have been such a downer of late, but I am very grateful for your indulgence.  I'm trying to fight my way out of this mess/funk/whatever you want to call it, and blogging does help me do so.  It helps me hone in on things and it also show me that I do, indeed, have some lovely friends.

In an effort to "buck up, little camper" as it were, I attempted multiple times to post a hilarious video of the Small Daughter riding my exercise bike, but for some reason, silly blogger won't let me post it.  Dumb website.

Maybe I'll try it again, here.

This had me laughing like crazy, although I'm not sure why.  The second one I took is funnier, but as it took an hour to upload this one, and the other one is longer, I think I'll pass on that until I figure out a better way to upload.

Post Edit.  Stupid thing didn't work properly anyway.  It's acting like a damn gif.  Oh well.

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